We are looking for drivers willing to create web app truckercheckin.com!

If you work as a truck driver or delivery van driver, share your experience of truck trailer loading and unloading with other drivers. If you are an ocean container truck driver write a review of the registration process of picking up or dropping off intermodal containers in the terminal.

Write to us:

  1. How did you get to the loading/unloading location from the nearest highway or expressway?
  2. Can you do a 9h or 11h pause or a short 45 minutes break before the loading/unloading location?
  3. How many parking spaces for trucks are in front of the loading/unloading location?
  4. Take a picture of the Plan/location map for loading or unloading and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Are the registration process of unloading and loading truck trailers taking place in the same office or are they separate?
  6. Write what kind of documents needs a truck driver to register freight, whether CMR is enough or you should have a passport too?
  7. How long did loading or unloading the truck trailers take?
  8. Write if you are satisfied with the service of employees, their personal culture.
  9. Inform if you can use the toilet, shower, or buy food? Is there any shop with food around?
  10. Is there a vending machine with hot coffee, tea in the trucker's room/registration office? Tell other drivers if this is free coffee or you have to pay for it.
  11. Describe your entire experience for a new driver who has not yet been at the location.

Remember that by describing your experience in loading/unloading, you help drivers who have never been to a location. Thanks to the cooperation, we will build a work tool that will facilitate our work.


We drive! :-)

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