Πρωτότυπο Amazon - Utopia - παρακολουθήστε το Prime Video - δωρεάν δοκιμή

Πρωτότυπο Amazon - Utopia - παρακολουθήστε το Prime Video - δωρεάν δοκιμή

Συνιστώ το τελευταίο επεισόδιο της πρώτης σεζόν όπου ο κόσμος περιμένει το εμβόλιο που παρήγαγε η γιατρός Τζέσικα και η ομάδα της βιάζεται να αποτρέψει τον αφανισμό.

Το Utopia είναι ένα θρίλερ συνωμοσίας που ακολουθεί τη ζωή των νέων οπαδών ενός σκληρού κόμικς με το ίδιο όνομα. Η συνωμοσία στο κόμικ αποδεικνύεται αληθινή και η προβλεπόμενη καταστροφή και το τέλος του κόσμου, όπως γνωρίζουμε, αναγκάζει μια ομάδα σπασίκλων να ξεκινήσει ένα παιχνίδι υψηλού επιπέδου γεμάτο ανατροπές. Χρησιμοποιούν τις πληροφορίες που μαθαίνουν για να σώσουν τον εαυτό τους, τους φίλους τους και τελικά τον πολιτισμό μας.

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Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης που προέρχεται από ένα τελευταίο επεισόδιο της UTOPIA - "Αποστολές παιδιών" - check-in φορτηγών!

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UTOPIA worldwide web links - check it out:

  • Watch Utopia - Season 1 - Utopia is a conspiracy thriller that follows a group of young fans who come together when they discover that the conspiracy in an elusive comic, Utopia, is real. The comic foretells the demise of humanity and the world as we know it, thrusting this group of underdogs... (amazon.com)
  • Utopia (2020 TV series) (en.wikipedia.org)
  • Amazon Cancelled 'Utopia' After One Season, and We Think We Know Why - Amazon has canceled Utopia after one season, and its timeliness likely played a factor in its demise along with its high budget and mixed reviews. (collider.com)
  • Utopia might be the most unlucky show of the year - In 2020 vernacular, it’s like watching a show about QAnon believers (theverge.com)
  • Utopia (TV Series 2020) - IMDb - Created by Gillian Flynn. With John Cusack, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, Desmin Borges. A group of young adults, who meet online, get a hold of a cult underground graphic novel, ... (imdb.com)
  • ‘Utopia' Review: Gillian Flynn's Amazon Adaptation Was Not Meant for This Moment - Or, why we need to stop describing television as "timely." (indiewire.com)
  • ‘Utopia: Amazon Series Tones Down Violence From British Version - Amazon Original 'Utopia' Born From an Era of Paranoia and Conspiracy Thrillers - TCA (deadline.com)
  • ‘Utopia' Review: Alice in Pandemic Land - Gillian Flynn’s dystopian comic-book thriller for Amazon Prime Video takes a band of nerds down a fortuitously timely rabbit hole. (nytimes.com)
  • Utopia (Amazon) - For the original British series, see Utopia (Channel 4). Utopia is an American drama web television series adapted from the British original. The series was created by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote all episodes and serves as an executive producer.1 It is an Amazon Prime exclusive ... (utopiatv.fandom.com)
  • ‘Utopia' Canceled After One Season at Amazon - Amazon has canceled the sci-fi drama "Utopia" after only a single season, Variety has confirmed. (variety.com)
  • Amazon has already canceled its Utopia original series - If you’ve never heard of the series Utopia, you’re not the only one. The Amazon Original series has largely gone unnoticed in entertainment circles, and that’s perhaps why the com… (slashgear.com)
  • Amazon's Utopia Should Never Have Been Released in 2020 - Gillian Flynn’s remake of the Channel 4 series isn’t just unnecessary. It’s spectacularly ill-timed. (slate.com)
  • John Cusack teases Amazon's 'timely' new 'Utopia' - The new series from showrunner Gillian Flynn ('Sharp Objects') finds Cusack playing a billionaire trying to deal with a global pandemic. Sound familiar? (ew.com)
  • Utopia review – sanitised remake is no match for cult TV original - Amazon have bankrolled a shiny new version of Channel 4’s sleeper hit, penned by Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn. But though its pandemic plot feels prescient, it’s a damp squib of a series (theguardian.com)
  • Utopia: What Amazon Prime Changes From The Original Series - Amazon Prime's Utopia differed from the British original in several ways. (screenrant.com)
  • 'Utopia' Remake Ordered to Series as Amazon Inks Showrunner Gillian Flynn to Overall Deal - The author and screenwriter behind 'Gone Girl' and 'Sharp Objects' will serve as showrunner on the nine-episode drama that was previously set at HBO with David Fincher. (hollywoodreporter.com)
  • 'Utopia' Finally Lands on Amazon Video: Can It Live Up to the UK Original? - After years of development, this ambitious and intelligent UK series—in which a graphic novel predicts future events—has finally arrived stateside. Here's a look back at Utopia's journey to the US. (pcmag.com)
  • Conspiracy Gets Real in Trailer for Amazon Prime Series 'Utopia' - Amazon Prime Video released the first teaser for its newest series, 'Utopia,' on Thursday (rollingstone.com)
  • Utopia Review (Spoiler-Free) - Gillian Flynn’s Utopia is both a satirization and celebration of geek culture that surprises at every turn. (denofgeek.com) 


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  • Reception Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 51% based on 45 reviews, with an average rating of 6.22/10. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • I enjoyed the series, but it's only 51 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and there just wasn't a ton of conversation out there around the show. (collider.com)
  • As of November 1, 2020, the series has a total of 45 reviews at the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, 23 of which grade the series as "Fresh" and 22 as "Rotten" for a score of 51% Fresh. (utopiatv.fandom.com)

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