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The English version of the Trucker Check In portal

Translated articles and blog posts from the world of trucks and logistics. Add reviews of the freight registration process and rate your satisfaction with loading and unloading.

Top 10 logistics ecosystems in Benelux

According to BCI Global, Benelux is the major gateway to the European market; ports in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam are the reason for the development of logistics services.

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Morning conversation with the forwarder about Koronovirus. Will coronovirus infect the work of a container driver in major European ports?

1. Do you start your working day with coffee and checking your e-mail account?

I start the day with herbal tea. Drinking coffee at such a nervous job would quickly end. The outlook is not turned off, if I leave the office at 4pm leaving the laptop, I switch to the phone.

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Team Drive in .eu

Last weekend in one of the German hotels I had the pleasure of meeting a group of drivers from double casts. What is this double-cast / team driving?

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