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The English version of the Trucker Check In portal

Translated articles and blog posts from the world of trucks and logistics. Add reviews of the freight registration process and rate your satisfaction with loading and unloading.

Check In documents

One of our users sent a pile of documents needed to register the freight. Documents such as check-in, check out, access maps, factory maps, and documents confirming the loading error.

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Interview with the creator of truckeronroad.com

1. Tell me when in your career as a truck driver you came up with on ​​creating truckeronroad.com?

A few years ago I noted all good parking lots with infrastructure for truck drivers, and one of my colleagues suggested I place them somewhere on the server. I also sent interesting locations to me by other colleagues, later a plug with truck bans came. This exchange of information between several drivers from the company in which we worked together. It was a ride with a Polish carrier, so the car parks were from all over Europe, also from Russia and Ukraine. Unfortunately, because of a Google Maps programmer's error, after it updated the plugin, everything was lost ... The general idea of ​​creating the site was to share information with other truckers.

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Facilitating the check-in process of the truck driver

TruckerCheckIn.com is a portal for international drivers with the task of "Facilitating the check-in process of a truck driver"

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