Trucker CI mobile app

The process of creating the TRUCKER CHECK IN mobile application is slowly coming to an end. The application will be available on mobile phones with the Android system and as a progressive web application for users of other operating systems.


 The TRUCKER CI application is created to facilitate the work of truck drivers. Drivers after logging in will be able to create, edit, delete or update entries related to the process of loading and unloading. Any logged in user will be able to add a photo taken directly with a mobile phone or add a photo of the location from the phone gallery.

trucker check in mobile web app 1

The application will be powered by GOOGLE FIREBASE and the Angular JavaScript framework, this configuration will provide animation of 60 frames per second and the maximum speed of the application. The trucker check in mobile application project is an open project, which is why drivers' opinions about the application are welcome.

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