Facilitating the check-in process of the truck driver

Facilitating the check-in process of the truck driver

TruckerCheckIn.com is a portal for international drivers with the task of "Facilitating the check-in process of a truck driver"

What to Pack for Your Truck Driver Before They Leave and How to make an online check-in

An international truck driver does not have a simple life because of the stack of CMR documents, often thick like a book. Drivers spend most of their time filling out documents, scanning CMR, registering at the office, and checking in in foreign languages. Even for the most intelligent drivers, the registration process is complicated because they do not speak the same language, so it loses a lot in translation. Understandably, office workers and security personnel do not provide all the necessary registration information.

After a long time of work, office staff falls into a routine and does not understand the truck driver registering his visit to the location for the first time. This is the reason for transport delays. I experienced problems with registration in large factories in Germany and France. Every driver should get a printed map of the factory and move according to the map. Unfortunately, there were no maps, and I had to improvise. I did not get information about which gate to enter and which to leave, where the truck weight is located, where offices, toilets, and showers are located.

The Polish, English, and German loading registration forms have also been finished. The light bulb above my head came on - and to put all the necessary information on one website to which every driver will have access for 24 hours. So, in a nutshell, I can summarize the origin of truckercheckin.com.


Truck and container registration

We are currently working on missing truck driver visits to logistics locations. When writing this article, you can comment on around 30,000 locations, mainly in the European Union. To place reviews of your experience as a driver, log in to the site. By clicking the glass icon in the upper right corner will open the "search for location" window, enter the name of the location you are looking for, e.g., Amazon Wrocław, and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

An excellent example of what evaluation and review of experience looks like is by clicking this link


Currently, our visit experience evaluation and review system comprises the following criteria:


  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Przepinka
  • Container retrieval
  • Container sentence


  • logistic center
  • warehouse
  • shop
  • sea terminal
  • railway terminal
  • container terminal
  • factory


  • Up to 30 min
  • Up to 60 min
  • Up to 2h
  • Up to 3h
  • Up to 5h


  • up to 5 min
  • up to 15 min
  • up to 30 min
  • up to 45 min
  • up to 60 minutes


  • 0
  • 1
  • from 2 to 5
  • from 6 to 10
  • from 11 to 50


  • No
  • for one truck
  • for 2 to 5 truck
  • for 6 to 10 truck
  • for 11 to 20 truck


  • 45min
  • nine h
  • 11h
  • Can not
  • Mandate


  • before advice
  • just in time
  • I waited for one h
  • I waited up to three h
  • the next day

The following questions can be answered YES or NO: DRIVER'S WC, DRIVER'S SHOWER, DRIVER'S ROOM, RESTAURANT, COFFEE ACCESS. In addithelpfulinformation useful for drivers is KEYS DURING A VISIT (always carry with you, hand in unloading, shower) and ENTRY DEPARTURE (same gate, different gate). The rating system comprises the following criteria: Loading, Unloading, Access from the main road, Access to the toilet, Advising on time, and Staff culture; for each of these criteria, we assign ratings from 1 to 5. You can also place photos (see photo below).

t foto

Photos can show how

  • an access road,
  • entry or exit gate looks,
  • road signs for drivers,
  • and photos of maps, forms,
  • information brochures.

Experienced truck drivers value information about the geographical coordinates of the entrance gate. In my career so far, I addressed at which there was no entrance gate for trucks, only for passenger cars. I remember when I had to get to the address state,d in the CMR documents; it turned out that it was not an entry for vans; I had to go to ANOTHER ADDRESS.

The entrance gate was located a kilometer from the passenger car gate; however, to reach it, you had to; however traffic jam, and the journey time to extend the customer by 30 minutes. After entering the address on Google Maps, there was no information about a separate gate for passenger cars and trucks. There are various parking lots for entry and exit gates in large logistics and distribution centers, often separated by a few kilometers. The truck driver needs access to location information at all times, not just when shipping.


Valid registration: cargo container; truck 

We encourage all truck drivers to log in to truckercheckin.com and post reviews and assess the experience of visiting as a truck driver. Thanks to publishing your visit to the website, your colleague who goes to the address for the first time receives the information to make his work more understandable and less stressful. You won't get first-hand knowledge from your boss or forwarder; you'll find it at truckercheckin.com.

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