Top 10 logistics ecosystems in Benelux

Top 10 logistics ecosystems in Benelux

According to BCI Global, Benelux is the primary gateway to the European market; ports in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam are the reason for the development of logistics services.

Besides the well-known Venlo and Tilburg points, new ones are being built on the logistic map. The latest regional studies regarding transport and logistics development opportunities have identified the ten most developed positions. 1. Noord-Brabant 2. Antwerpen 3. Zuid-Holland 4. NL Limburg 5. Gelderland 6. BE Limburg 7. Oost-Vlaanderen 8. Noord-Holland 9. Luik 10. Luxemburg The following items were taken as criteria: business environment, availability of labor market, XXL type warehouses, the sustainability of innovations, Tri-modal transport. The development of electronic commerce has contributed to the development of XXL DC distribution centers. The best example is Greenport Venlo, in the last few years, warehouse space has increased several times. Among the thirty large distribution centers, four regions are leading: West Noord Brabant, Noord Limburg, Groot Rijnmond, and Midden Noord Brabant. Currently, Nederland has over 2,000 distribution centers with an area of ​​over 2,500 square meters. The three largest players on the logistics market in Benelux are German companies: DHL, DB Schenker, and Kuehne + Nagel.

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