EIR or CIR - defined document?

EIR or CIR - defined document?

Defined equipment replacement confirmation. Confirmation of equipment replacement EIR (Equipment Interchange Receipt).

Also known as the CIR container exchange confirmation (Container Interchange Receipt) is a document generated each time the container passes from one exchange point to another. Exchange points can be two container ships, container terminals, or intermodal exchange points. The document generated by the company service based on the completed form by the truck driver.


Confirmation of equipment replacement

Confirmation of equipment replacement includes container number, ship/travel code, truck registration number, container number, and semitrailer. This document forwarded to the carrier when containers are delivered or received (loaded or empty) from the container terminal. It updates information in EIR at every exchange point. In every European port, the EIR document has a different appearance and has fresh information. In some terminals, the system auto-generates it, i.e. in the Rotterdam World Gateway, and in older ones like in Bremerhaven, it is printed by office staff serving drivers. I had a pair of EIR bus ticket sizes and I printed some in A4.


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