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The English version of the Trucker Check In portal

Translated articles and blog posts from the world of trucks and logistics. Add reviews of the freight registration process and rate your satisfaction with loading and unloading.

The electronic logistics - the money saving solutions

It is necessary to acknowledge that electronic logistics is a relatively new field that looks like it may make its beginning in contemporary service. In such a circumstance, it is only reasonable for certain challenges and hurdles a business carrying out electronics logistics would face. Among the challenges and obstacles which might be seen in relation to the work of the Project are the limited financial resources available for financial investments, the lack of capabilities of parties and parties in the network, the absence of requirements, and difficulties in integrating several data systems between companies.

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Fleet Maintenance Management Software Application

Logistics management is a key to any organization's success, and this is where Fleet Management comes in. Modern logistics management requires the best available tools for fleet managers to be able to manage their vehicles effectively and coordinate with various departments within an organization. The autonomous nature of modern logistics makes up for the lack of human resources in this area. The software application that is used by a fleet manager can boost productivity levels and reduce material wastage at the same time. To know more about logistic software solutions made specifically for your requirements, contact industry professionals today!

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Truck Vietnam - calculated costs for top 10 ranking

Vietnamese URL truck market in the English language is still fresh. I predict many changes in the next few years. How does it look in the first quarter of 2021? 

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