Commenting regulations


The editorial office reserves the right to block users who regularly violate the commenting regulations on


The Forum participant / commentators publishes their comments and opinions solely at their own risk.


It is unacceptable for Participants to post illegal content, calling for racial, religious or ethnic hatred, or promoting violence in the real world.


When you use our Website, we automatically collect the following information about you: device data, location information, login data, data about activity on the Website


It is unacceptable to include in the comments:
  • Content that offends other people who have expressed an opinion,
  • illegal content,
  • content generally considered morally reprehensible,
  • content that calls to racial, religious or ethnic hatred,
  • promoting intoxicants, drugs, alcohol,
  • promoting violence and offensive,
  • contributing to the infringement of copyright,
  • containing profanity,
  • advertising content,
  • unjustified slander and accusations,
  • contain offensive content or threats directed at the editorial office, readers and commenters.

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