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How Many Shipping Containers Are Lost at Sea Each Year?

A friend called me, who picked up a container with shoes in one of the container terminals in the Port of Hamburg. He said there was a bad smell from the container and he didn't know what to do, when the container was opened, salty seawater spilled out and all the boxes were decayed. Did this container fall off the ship?

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How to check things in trucks? The Trucker talk on the web

Dear TRUCKER-CHECK-IN Talk: What is the best way to check the air leak in my truck? I am on a very busy highway with a truck that is bouncing around. I have tried to back into the parking place, but I have done that on a packed surface with one tire off the edge. I don’t want to drive in circles. Please advise. — Bob

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YouTube video: 30 Days Timelapse at Sea | JeffHK

I am in a great seaport waiting for a container to be collected from the other side of the world. I wonder what the road from Asia to Europe looks like on a mega container ship. I found the answer on YouTube.

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