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Marketing ideas for the startup TRUCKER-CHECK-IN

Provides an overview of password ideas for start-ups TRUCKER CHECK IN. These are not official announcements of advertisements, but thoughts about the advertising campaign.

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Why do truck tyres explode? Semi-truck flat tyre adventure.

My tire exploded while I was leaving the parking lot on the night of May 1st. "I was driving empty", i.e. the truck's trailer was empty, I did not transport any goods, so for that reason, I decided to write the article about it. It's difficult to write an unsupported article about truck tires.

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International road freight - delivery thru Euro traffic jams.

I picked up the loaded ocean container from the port of Rotterdam and I am due for unloading in Paris tomorrow morning. Paris is one of the most congested cities in Europe, so in order not to be late for unloading at 8.00 I have to avoid morning traffic jams.

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