Not only Food Trucks Bogota Colombia

Trucks watching in Bogota better than bird watching in Brussels

Trucks are a symbol of our society. No matter what you call them, they're as essential to human life as cars or planes. They make the world go round. The story of trucks in Bogota is a typical one that is part of the city's historic evolution. From humble beginnings, they've been transformed into the symbol of urban transformation and development over time.

Search engine truck driver optimization vs SEO mexico

Search engine truck driver optimization vs SEO mexico

How difficult is to find a decent truck driver in Mexico? International freight carriers may employ American trucks and drivers to work in the US, who then drive the freight across the border where a Mexican-based partner picks up the cargo and takes it to its final destination.

Trucks, skulls & graffiti in Mexico city

Trucks & skulls & graffiti in Mexico city

There are many people who are in search of trucks in mexico city for some reason, they are in search of old trucks, rusty trucks, vintage trucks and so on, but I m looking for trucks next to graffit art.

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