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YouTube video: 30 Days Timelapse at Sea | JeffHK

I am in a great seaport waiting for a container to be collected from the other side of the world. I wonder what the road from Asia to Europe looks like on a mega container ship. I found the answer on YouTube.

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30 Days Timelapse trucker check in 1

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Dropped new time-lapse! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JBMp...​​

The route was from the Red Sea — Gulf of Aden — the Indian Ocean — Colombo — Malacca Strait — Singapore — South East China Sea — Hong Kong

0:32​ Milky Way
0:53​ Sirius Star (I think) Correction: Jupiter the planet according to some viewers
1:17​ Approaching Port of Colombo
1:45​ Cargo Operation
2:08​ Departure Colombo with Rainstorm
2:29​ Beautiful Sunrise
3:13​ Lightning Storm at Malacca Strait and Singapore Strait
3:29​ Clear night sky Milky Way with a lightning storm
4:01​ Camera getting soaked
5:09​ Arrival Singapore
5:56​ Departure Singapore
6:20​ Moon-lit night sky
6:48​ Another Sunrise
8:30​ Headed due north and you can see Ursa Major rotating neatly around Polaris.
8:36​ Squid Boats
8:54​ Chaotic Traffic
9:15​ Arrival Hong Kong

Philip G. Anderson - Winter (from 0:00​ to 4:37​ and 8:00​ to 10:00​)
Buy Winter here:

Stellardrone - Billions And Billions (from 4:37​ to 8:00​)

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