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One of our users sent a pile of documents needed to register the freight. Documents such as check-in, check out, access maps, factory maps, and documents confirming the loading error.

How do they look in Benelux and France? Here are examples of documents that one of our international drivers got abroad.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 1

The first two photos are documents that I received during PRE registration at the entrance gate. This is one large document, printed on two A4 pages, only in French. There is a factory map on both sides of the A4 format and the safety rules in force in the factory on the other.

The next photo is from one of the most modern places in Europe, the RWG Terminal in Maasvlakte in the Netherlands. Truck service is in Polish, small print size and slippery paper. This document is a model for other companies in Europe what check out documents should look like. Bright pictures with graphics say more than a description. All elements are legible and understandable. Congratulations to RWG employees for a great job and for making the truck driver's job easier. This approach is a role model.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 3

The next document is called the Gate Activity Ticket, at one of the terminals in Belgium. It is a black and white document and is often confused with an Interchange document. The document contains the necessary data such as the driver's name, the company he works for, the entry code and the exit code. I got the document in English.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 4

We have a surprise for drivers who dream of working like a driver in the Netherlands. The document from the Uniport terminal must be completed in Dutch. I left some hints in English.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 5

I don't remember exactly where I downloaded this map, but as you can see it is in English. It is just a map, forms for registering freight are a different story.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 6

This is one of a kind check in documents, on which we see a map on which the route of the robot that should be passed while moving around the factory along the designated route is marked.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 8

C. Ro Port Zeebrugge is another location that I have served. When registering the freight at the entrance gate, we get a map with the marked In and Exit gate, container collection points and drop-offs, and the applicable traffic.

registration process

a7dokumenty kierowca checkin 7

I do not remember where I downloaded this document, but it is one of the better ones due to the marked parking lot for truck drivers and the check in - check point.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 9

Returning to the port of Rotterdam, we go to Uniport. The map shows the size of the terminals and the arrangement of taps and coasts.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 10

We move to the coast of Rotterdam to register fruit freight from distant continents. The freight registration office is located a few hundred meters from the warehouses. Thanks to the map, we can locate a parking lot, an office, and two warehouses with ramps.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 11

Here, as a curiosity, we placed the document "Go to the office and provide the printed document". The point to pay attention to is the last line, Error Message.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 12

The logistics center in Antwerp with 3 gates is really huge, you can get dizzy on your first visit. There are no registration points, weights, etc. on the map.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 13

A check-in a document from RFV FRUITS is worth presenting for its graphic form and the information it contains. On the lower left side, there is a message that you cannot shoot a long pause at night. This is one of the best registration forms I have had the pleasure to fill out.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 14

The last document presented is a map with marked places of loading and unloading.

dokumenty kierowca checkin 15

By analyzing the above documents, such as check-in, check out, maps, forms, and additional documents, it can be concluded that drivers have access to an extensive amount of diverse content. There is no standardization to facilitate the reading of international documents. Printed maps, forms are missing, and drivers left in a maze of streets, ramps, offices, and scales during their first visits to logistics centers. Therefore, it is very important that you as a TRUCKERCHECKIN reader describe your experience of visiting a location. Take a picture of the registration document and map, share your feelings in check in check out. We are waiting for your emails.

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