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The Netherlands is such a rich and developed country with the largest container seaports in the European Union. Is a place where unlimited ambitions can become reality. One of the Rotterdam container terminals is fully automated and truck drivers do not have to deal with crane operators' human errors.

Overview on multimodal connections to Europe via roads and waterways ( river transport )

I have worked as a container truck driver in Port of Rotterdam and I deliver plenty of containers coming from around the world to France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Nederlands. When you look for a Port of Rotterdam on the maps, you do not see the actual picture - HOW HUGE IT IS. There are some investment projects to make it even bigger. You can find more relevant information about it on the Port of Rotterdam Authority official website.

Facts about Port of Rotterdam Container Terminals on the international internet

  • The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. Choosing Rotterdam means choosing for limitless possibilities. Make it happen. (portofrotterdam.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam expects cautious recovery in H2, focus on supply chain security - The Port of Rotterdam is cautiously optimistic on volume growth in the second half of the year and expects security of the supply chain will be more important as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. (seatrade-maritime.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam: Self-Learning Computers Predicting Vessel Arrival Times - Offshore Energy - Rotterdam Port is investing in the development of an application for standardized data exchange on port calls. (offshore-energy.biz)
  • How to create a twin to improve your own performance - With the help of IBM digital twin technology, the Port of Rotterdam is transforming itself from Europe's largest port to the world's smartest. Learn how you can do it, too. (ibm.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam Hosts 5G Innovation - Shell and KPN among partners testing network’s ability (porttechnology.org)
  • Turning Rotterdam into the "World's Smartest Port" with IBM Cloud & IoT - THINK Blog - At the port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port by cargo tonnage, we want to be the smartest port in the world. Part of that journey is our digital transformation initiative with IBM. With more than 85% of all globally traded goods having travelled on a ship at least once during their lifecycle.(ibm.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam begins IoT-based operations - IBM started developing a cloud-based platform for the port last year, as part of Rotterdam's quest to become the "smartest port." (supplychaindive.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam sets sail on its digital journey - Port Authority reduces wait times for ships and improves capacity planning with trailblazing app built on Salesforce. (salesforce.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam embarks on digital transformation programme with IBM - Port of Rotterdam embarks on digital transformation programme with IBM Article page | Supply Chain Digital (supplychaindigital.com)
  • Air Liquide and Port of Rotterdam launch partnership to foster Hydrogen-powered trucks and infrastructure - Air Liquide and the Port of Rotterdam Authority announce the launch of a jointly created initiative, which aims at enabling 1,000 hydrogen-powered zero-emission trucks on the roads connecting the (energies.airliquide.com)
  • Port of Rotterdam successfully adopts innovation, report says - SAFETY4SEA - The businesses in the Port of Rotterdam have managed to catch up with companies elsewhere in the Netherlands, according to the Port Innovation Barometer. (safety4sea.com)
  • Rotterdam and IBM plan to create 'world's smartest port' with IoT - The Port of Rotterdam and IBM have today announced a multi-year initiative that will apply Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to transform the port's operational environment and prepare for the smart ships of the future.  (internetofbusiness.com)


Topic clusters about the port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport.

The Port of Rotterdam is one of the greatest, most modern, and most updated seaports in Europe. It serves the majority of the shipping traffic through the North Sea ( personally, I deliver many containers for short sea terminals), providing a seaport for over 900 million tons of freight annually. The port is served by the major European Union member countries of Austria, Belgium (access by rivers), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland ( access by rail ), Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. Container ships frequently enter and leave the port area.


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Top 20 topics of the largest logistic and industrial hub of Europe. Top 10 Container Ports Of The World. Expertise Port of the Future.

Rotterdam International Airport is the primary airport for the port of Rotterdam. The airport has been constructed at a new complex that will provide for an increase in traffic volume. This will alleviate some pressure on the port that has been brought on by the recent downturn in global trade. Presently, Rotterdam receives the third-highest tonnage of container ships entering or leaving daily. Container ship traffic is anticipated to continue to grow as demand increases.

  • ports - transshipment of cargo between England and Germany.
  • smartest port - questions about transshipment and storage of cargo.
  • shipping companies - work and employment in the port (growth of 10%)
  • savings for ship - saving for people first ( land and water ) at close hand?
  • times - the quality of delicate cargo during the entire handling.
  • smart quay walls - solutions are available as separate tools.
  • parties - leading the transition to sustainable energy.
  • company - improving logistics processes in nearly two decades.
  • port calls - port management with simply navigate to this stage, not only in terms of size.
  • vessels - ocean-going vessels.
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  • ship - real-time information is needed.
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  • terminals - the gates rotate around a pivot to float into position.
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America -Asia–Europe demand more containers in the biggest European port

Container ships travel to and from many destinations throughout the world. The largest and most popular destinations are the Mediterranean, Mexican golf, the Alaskan Arctic, the Atlantic, and the Pacific. Among these destinations are the vents of Calla loon, Catu Lagoon, Rouen, Dunkirk, Antibes, Saint Pierre, and Mombasa. While a container ship normally carries between six to ten million containers, sometimes the cargo will be greater.

  • Uniper and Port of Rotterdam Authority start a feasibility study for a green hydrogen plant at Maasvlakte area
  • WPCAP ports take a new series of climate change actions
  • Extension quay wall Sif
  • Robotic container operations
  • Port of Rotterdam history
  • Design and construction
  • Port of Rotterdam security

Questions like: Is Rotterdam building the most automated port in the world

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  • How will the Port of Rotterdam transform itself?
  • What does the future hold for ports and smart technologies?
  • Which is the largest port in Europe?
  • What is Rotterdam famous for? Which facilities are available?
  • Which is the largest port in the world?
  • What is the deepest natural port or harbor in the world?
  • Approximately how long does it take for a cargo ship to go from Europe to the USA?
  • Which European ports are owned by China?
  • What are the fundamental differences between Rotterdam and Amsterdam?
  • How many ships travel the oceans and sea on a given day?
  • How long does it take to unload a shipping container?
  • What does the Netherlands have a comparative advantage in?
  • Why is the port of Rotterdam so much bigger than Antwerps when Antwerp is closer to all ships coming from the south?
  • Brexit New ferry freight route opens between France and Ireland to avoid customs checks in Britain what do you think?
  • Amsterdam or Rotterdam what are the pros and cons of each?


When a large container ship departs port, it is normally with a heavy cargo for transporting goods and raw materials. Some goods which are typically carried include oil, coal, and other liquid or solid products. Some shipping lines also have aircraft carriers besides military vessels that carry heavier loads. In addition, container ships can also carry machinery, vehicles, and other goods that are seasonal. These things could include fruits from south America, vegetables from Australia, and other farm products from Africa.

Statistics and view on some facts and figures about port (first direct and indirect information) 

The core tasks of the Port Authority; Factual sentences referenced across top search results:

  • When a flood of 3 metres (9.8 ft) above NAP (mean sea level) is predicted, the barrier is activated. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • It is a non-listed public limited company, with shares held by the Municipality of Rotterdam (75%) and the Dutch State (25%). (ship-technology.com)
  • “Exports from the Netherlands to China have been growing at 12.5% which is remarkable. "(seatrade-maritime.com)
  • As we see from the port of Rotterdam, export of full containers has grown by 13.5% over the last six months, Hoogsteden explained. (seatrade-maritime.com)
  • As informed, using artificial intelligence has already reduced vessel waiting times in the Port of Rotterdam by 20 per cent. (offshore-energy.biz)
  • Thanks to 5G-connected Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras and the application of machine learning, future maintenance can be better predicted. (porttechnology.org)
  • With more than 85% of all globally traded goods having traveled on a ship at least once during their life-cycle, ports play a key role in the global and local economy. (ibm.com)

Rotterdam is also the largest logistic services and industrial hub of Europe. 

With an increase in container traffic, there will also be an increase in demand for labor. This means that there'll be greater demand for skilled laborers like truck drivers, freight forwarders. If you are considering a career in this industry, the Dutch Harbor is an excellent location. There you can do the job to get a shipping line or directly for a manufacturer. If you're planning on relocating to the Benelux, you can also find work in Rotterdam as an assistant to a Dutch transport line or in any other city in Benelux.

Although this might seem like a good thing to many, it'll have an adverse effect on the labor market ( truck drivers, logistics staff, freight forwarders ) in Rotterdam. As more shipping traffic arrives in the region, the demand for labor increases which will drive up the cost of work.

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