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Intermodal transport route

I picked up the container at the intermodal terminal in Luxembourg, which came by rail from France. The same container previously arrived from Spain, it came to Spain from Morocco, and to Morocco from South America.

International truck driver job CE in Europe, specializing in container transport from intermodal terminals. Location - Europe, Luxembourg. While waiting for the container, it reminded me of my colleague forwarder who told me how complicated the way the containers can travel from the starting point to the last destination. And suddenly a crane with a refrigerated container pulled up and slowly, with the precision of a surgeon, lowered the container onto the container semi-trailer. It turned out that I was to deliver a container full of exotic fruit from South America to Belgium.
I opened an email with a transport order and it turned out that there were a lot of attachments attached to the order. The attachments were in several languages. It turned out that rail sent the container to a seaport in Morocco. In Morocco, they loaded it into the port of Malaga. From Malaga, I transported it to the largest port in Spain, Valencia. From Valencia, he sailed to the port of Marseille. From Marseille, the truck transported it to a nearby intermodal terminal and traveled by train to the terminal in Luxembourg. Now I have a container and I want to deliver it at the time designated by the forwarding. While driving through Belgium towards the capital of the European Union, I thought about the road and all the factors that make containers from other continents reach the last customer; I thought about:

  • Navigation, tracking, and monitoring
  • Software for transportation and logistics
  • Logistics and forwarding services
  • Ports and transshipment terminals
  • Intermodal operators
  • Freight forwarding and intermodal logistics
  • transhipments 

After unloading this container, I became interested in the concepts of SMART PORT and how the Internet of Things changes logistics and inter-modal transport into a global model of the economy. I realized that not only the largest container ports in the world play a key role in intermodal transport.

From now on, when shopping for tropical fruits in a local store, I will remember the path they had to travel.

Transport logistics shipping forwarder

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Deadline end of 2021
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