So many times I have checked in in fresh places as an international truck driver that's it made me think about the universal checklist to make a check-in service more smooth. The checklist that educates drivers so they can make informed drive decision about Tacho time regulation.

Many big companies are already providing mobile check-in service. MOBILE - informative everywhere - SERVICE - fulfills an underlying need - BASED ON BIG DATA -personalization, machine learning, artificial intelligence. The power of trucking checking knowledge has shifted from truck driver to logistic manager, so modern logistics companies provide check-in in many forms.



  1. Search result on search engine
  2. white paper
  3. webinar/video
  4. quote or guide
  5. demonstration
  6. e-mail / Q-code
  7. pager from the security office


Checklist template to help you get started building your own.

First of all, is the user intent on a smartphone with the search results. Usually, the search engine result page is in the language of the country of the user localization, for example, the Ukrainian truck driver who looking the information about the trucker check-in process in France would have information not in his native language but in the French language. For that reason we provide the review of the check-in in many languages, on the page of the logistics company is possible to find the review in a few languages.


How to make a printable checklist for logistics?

This is what I was thinking where I was waiting to unload the container truck in one of the huge fulfilments. The second kind of check-in is white paper which is a printed document with official information for truckers. This kind of check-in content helper is quite common and in many locations is the only step to help trucker load or unload the goods.


What is a checklist and example?

The third type is webinar or video on demand. I remember that in some factory in the middle of Germany before I could check-in I had to watch the corporate video about the company and the branch that I would unload the goods. After the video ends there should be some tests with simple answers like TRUE or FALSE, but because the button on the keyboards was not working, I did not have to answer dummy questions. Sometimes, the truck drivers can count on the Guide who shows the route from the gate to the dock. I remember while I drive with some goods from Slovakia to Spain.

At the endpoint of the trucking journey, I finally park the truck before some warehouse around Valencia. My Spanish language knowledge is undefined it means that I do not speak Spanish, so for that reason, my first barrier was language. The security staff set up the GUIDE for me, who shows me the route and help me with filling the check-in documents. In the Koln airport, some truck drivers got a personal guide who's to drive in front of the truck to show them the correct route, the unload the drivers shows up again next to the dock and office and help to drive out from the airport area.


How to make a NON-digital checklist

The last item on our list is the demonstrations. Do not mislead demonstrations with a personal guide. The demonstration is the step-by-step process that someone shows you how to do the check-in and check-out. In the port of Antwerp, there is some demonstration of how to pick up containers in the lane. It is a simple, quick animation of what a truck driver should do and what should not. In much fulfillment, there is a short video demonstration of how to fill the documents before loading the truck.


What is another word for checklist?

The last type on our CHECKLIST is QUCIKSCAN codes that shippers send via email in order to bypass the queue to the container terminal. There are two access routes in the intermodal terminals. One is called FAST LANE and the other CHECK-IN LANE, Fast lane is intended for truck drivers who have a PRE RENDER CODE sent by the forwarder, thanks to which we do not have to enter any data, we scan the code and the entrance gate opens automatically. When leaving the terminal, we repeat the code scanning procedure, but we must enter the container number. Thanks to the scanned codes, we save time and we do not worry about the keypad keys. This kind of check-in I personally use many times in huge seaports. You do not need to get an app to complete the task. QR code is created simply by forwarder in logistics apps and send into trucker mobile or board computer. You need online access to post and received the code. It takes few clicks to see content and processes to scan.



Finally, it is worth mentioning other forms that were not on our CHECKLIST list. One of them is a check-in with the use of plastic tokens (tokens). After registering the freight in the office, the driver receives 2 plastic tokens - one for entering the terminal and the other for leaving the terminal. After driving the truck to the entrance gate, the driver does not have to leave the car, just open the window and put the entry token in the pocket to open the entrance gate. More and more often, instead of a plastic token, drivers receive an ELECTRONIC BEEPER that vibrates or alerts the driver when the reserved ramp is available for unloading or loading.


to do checklist online

Warehouse managers will manage modern forms of freight registration and will be available from a mobile phone on all operations systems.

Truck driver, forwarders, or logistics often use checklist templates keywords like:


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