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Interview with the author of "Claus Wiesel's world of photos"

1) Tell me at what point in your career as a truck driver did you get the idea to create www.truck-pics.eu/?
I've always enjoyed taking photos, after a long break I decided to create my own website so that I could give my pictures an appropriate platform. On November 11th, 2012 my website www.truck-pics.eu went online.

2) What were the first photos/sections on the website's menu?
The first photos were US cars, which I still like to photograph today, but then I quickly added a lot of truck photos from various truck meetings.

3) Your logo looks really cool. Is it your first logo? Tell the story of your logo with a truck and a camera?
My logo was created by a friend of mine, it shows a truck with a camera, both things stand for my hobby, for my passion to photograph trucks.

4) Tell me what the portal looks like now and what is the main content? 
My website currently contains approx. 55,000 photos from various areas that I have published on Flickr. In the meantime, however, the focus is clearly on truck photography.

5) A few words about me. Is your hobby and do you like to travel?
My hobbies are motorcycling, photography, and traveling within Europe to the various truck meetings to take photos there, but also to spend a great time with friends and acquaintances. Many friendships have developed over the years and we are always happy to see each other.

6) Where do you get the photos from? Are your users sending you truck photos? Which camera do you use?
On my website, you can only see photos that I “shot” myself. I use an Olympus E30 with various Pro lenses, but for a few days, I have also had a new full-frame camera from Sony, the Sony Alpha 7 III.

7) Have you thought about going to the USA or Asia? Do you have a route you want to take, e.g. Route 66?
Since I don't like to fly, I will probably never come to a meeting in the USA, but that doesn't matter, because there is still a lot to see in Europe.

8) your favorite beer is:
Since there is unfortunately no longer any Eichener Pils from our area, I prefer Erzquell Pils, also from Siegerland.

9) Which European country is an example of good treatment for truck drivers?
As a non-truck driver, I believe that truck drivers in the Netherlands and Switzerland are first and foremost treated with respect. Germany would be pretty far back on such a list, unfortunately.

10) Did you have the "pleasure" of crossing Calais? What do you think about Brexit?
As already mentioned, I'm not a truck driver, but privately (luckily) I haven't had to travel to England via Calais. So far I have only crossed 3 times from Ostend to Dover. I don't want to allow myself any judgment about Brexit.

11) What road problems do truckers face? What needs to be changed?
Some of the drivers' problems are the lack of respect for other road users, a lack of parking spaces to comply with the driving and rest times, the time pressure, and the many "senseless" overtaking bans for trucks.

12) 20 years ago, the driver's job wasn't what it is today. There were no cell phones, communication systems for hauliers and drivers, and modern navigation systems. What will the driver's job be like in 20 years?
What will the job look like in 20 years? Difficult to say .... probably even more cheap wage drivers from Eastern European countries, even more monitoring of drivers and vehicles, possibly autonomous driving where the driver is only required in certain situations and/or when loading/unloading is. Probably there will be no more truck meetings in the form like today because there will be no more show trucks like today, as more and more things are banned, which makes a truck unique.

13) Would you like to add something?
I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all drivers, fans, and "colleagues" in the scene, especially of course my long-term sponsor www.lkw-fahrer-gesucht.com, who supports me financially in my hobby and on my travels.

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