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Loading of timber without a map

When refueling at a gas station, I noticed a large selection of maps for drivers. They all represent the same area in a different way.

Gas station customers have a large selection of maps, you can choose from the colors of covers, thickness of maps and atlases, price, quality of paper and even additional integration of the paper map with the application. In Europe, depending on the country you are in, you can buy maps in several languages. Every truck driver and freight forwarder has experienced a situation in which the electronic map on the navigation, computer, laptop or mobile phone stopped working for some reasons, in this situation everyone is looking for a printed map. What is the difference between maps and what, apart from the price, can be a factor in choosing a map? The answer is simple - map readability. While drinking coffee at a gas station, I asked the seller a question - which map is the best? I immediately added that I am not asking about the price, but about quality. The seller suggested that it is best to put all the maps next to each other and check one location. I quickly thought about the location through which I often traveled especially to have a visual spatial image and chose the city of Munich in Germany because almost every time I went to Italy I was standing in traffic jams on the bypass that has been under construction for a long time.


Each map has a different graphic style, e.g. light or dark. Each map has a so-called ZOOM of places and densely crowded areas. Some maps have Latitude, Longitude. Some maps are available in two versions, i.e. for people with low vision there are special maps with higher contrast. Each map has a different font that is used to describe the place, some maps use multiple fonts. Some maps are marked with POIs, and on some maps the designers paid attention to a detailed plan of motorway junctions.


You can find many kinds of maps on the internet. The most popular are Google Maps, Bing Maps, Baidu Maps, Openstreetmap , Mapbox, Mapquest. Each of the maps listed has a different advantage, some of them show POI email addresses and some URLs. The most important options are satellite and aerial view from 4 angles.


It happened several times that I got a transport order to load wood in France near the Swiss border. I knew I couldn't rely on car navigation, so I drove to a local gas station and asked for a local map with pedestrian paths marked. Thanks to the map with marked forest paths, I found it almost without any problems. I will not forget to load a pine tree in a nature park in central Germany. I have never seen pine trees so tall in my life. Loading took place at the edge of the road which was located at the corner of the mountain. I got the order unexpectedly and I was not prepared to drive through the wilderness of forests, so I did not have time to buy a local road map, but I managed to get there, I was only 6 hours late :- D yes yes 6 hours ... I also remember the loading with a smile on my face in the French-speaking part of Belgium, I recall through the prism of prohibition signs: a ban on 12 tons and a bridge with a restriction of 30 tons.

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