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By truck around European airports

Freight transport between airports 1000 km apart in Europe is an intercontinental supply chain.

 International drivers in Europe transport goods between airports hundreds of kilometers away from each other. Airfreight must not be late because the plane will not wait for a truck stuck in a traffic jam. For longer distances, transport takes place in a double crew or semi-trailers are locked.
During my career as an international truck driver in Europe, I have driven between a lot of airports. These were not only the type of freight from the airport to the airport but also the type of warehouse - airport, warehouse - industrial zone next to the airport. The airport where I was most often is the airport in Frankfurt. It is one of the largest airports in Europe. Next to the airport, there are two logistic zones full of warehouses with ramps for large trucks but also for smaller vans. To enter the airport zone, stop in front of the security building and go through the CHECK-IN process in front of the airport, and then register the loading or unloading at the destination warehouse. It is a great airport from which planes take off and depart day and night. I personally transported goods from Frankfurt airport to:
London heatrow, Milano malpensa, Vienna airport, Bruxel zaventem, Luxemburg, Barcelona

Naturally, the question is why goods are transported between airports by trucks rather than by airplanes. The answer is very simple - transportation costs. The cost of transporting goods between airports by truck is definitely lower than the cost of transporting them by a specially sent plane. Airplanes fly on a strictly defined schedule specially designed to optimize costs. On Monday at 5 am I had loading at the airport in Milano Italia and the next day at the same time the trailer filled with documents was unloaded at the airport in Bruxeella in Belgium. It was a one-off freight and I did not transport it on this route for the whole month of driving around Europe.

Fixed-line between airports

Permanent routes between the airports are designed by air freight forwarders that handle freight to America and Asia. Personally, I traveled on such a route between Warsaw airports in Poland - Koln in Germany. The route ran through a few points on the European traffic jam map, so we couldn't even stop to refuel the truck. Refueling took place only after reaching the airport on time. While the unloading registration process in Warsaw is limited to a visit to the office, Check-in at the airport in the colony is one of the most restrictive. When entering the most secure part of Koln airport, go through the security gates. Security staff checks if there are any knives inside the truck. If a knife or a sharp tool is found near the driver or in the middle of the truck, the truck will not be unloaded/loaded and the driver may be fined and be banned from entering for several years.


They did not unload on time; Express shipment transport

The busiest period in airport transport is of course the pre-holiday season. Millions of small gifts - parcels sent from Asia to Europe and from Europe to America keep airports like Leipzig in Germany from falling asleep. The world's largest 'Antanov' planes landing along the highway are impressive. Personally, I delivered groupage shipments at the airport in Leipzig always on time, loading and unloading were carried out without problems. During the holiday season, I was transporting parcels from Italy to one of the airports in France. He doesn't specifically name the airport because he doesn't want to do anti advertising. The unloading took place very close to the starting plate and in order to get inside you had to have a special card and a security guard inside the truck. After putting the truck under the ramp, you had to leave the truck and the warehouse area, hand over the keys and wait in the drivers' room. However, after arriving at the parking lot next to the unloading office, I noticed that there were too many trucks and drivers waiting in line to the office. After many hours of waiting, it turned out that the packages from my truck were not unloaded on time and did not fly by plane due to the fact that they were not prioritized. There was not enough space on the plane, there were no employees in the warehouse for quick unloading.

Specially designed trailers

Mega-type semi-trailers with built-in wheels in the floor, lifted with compressed air to facilitate the quick transfer of airport pallets full of goods. Some only transport companies between airports accept only this type of trailer. Already at the level of buying freight on the exchange, the forwarder must specify whether the truck is armed with an airport trailer. I have seen such trailers during unloading at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).

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