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Graffiti next to the truck

Instead of driving, I stand in a traffic jam, drive up, stop and see graffiti next to the highway every few hundred meters.

 truck graffiti pari5

Driving through big metropolises at rush hour is a monotonous job that becomes more colorful thanks to colorful letters and graffiti pictures. Different font styles, letters that cast shadows on gray-brown highway facades, some looking like street art and some disfiguring the view. Most of them are painted illegally by the so-called graffiti writers who spend their time and money to paint a colorful sketch on the highway, most often at night. While standing in a traffic jam in Paris, a friend called me and asked me if I was in Paris, I replied that I was standing in a traffic jam, I would drive several dozen meters and stop for a minute and so for an hour. It's the so-called kangaroo riding hehe. He asked where exactly I was and I said that I was in a traffic jam and I do not know too much what part of the road it is for which my friend also the truck driver specified his query :) Tell me what you see, I will know where you are ... I am standing next to Homer Simson's graffiti in the south of Paris ... then I heard the answer - aaaa, I know exactly where you are, I was stuck in traffic there too :-)

Well-painted graffiti can be a landmark for truck drivers and at the same time a small tourist attraction for connoisseurs of street painting art. After driving a truck through the European Union for several years, I saw a lot of graffiti along highways, railroads and expressways. The country with the most colored letters in Europe is Germany. During the weekend break, I often looked for the nearest train station and set off to visit the nearest tourist attractions. I could not believe that graffiti in Germany is so developed and represents a really high world level. I especially like the graffiti in Hanover, Leipzig and Berlin.

However, the city with the most graffiti on the highway is Paris. Driving through Paris, you can't help but notice the graffiti, it is really everywhere around the roads. I do not want to say that they are all nice, a large part of the graffiti is just scribbles like "XXX is not suitable for president", freedom signs such as "free the cannabis" etc. While driving through Paris you can even notice graffiti not only on trains but even on vans VAN type. I am not a fan of scrawled vans, but the sight of them makes driving around Paris a unique experience.


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