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Europe in a traffic jam

The forwarding has planned the time between loading and unloading every minute and I have been in a traffic jam for 2 hours.


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London before 10pm. Paris at 7am. Antwerp at 4 pm Frankfurt. Berlin. Milan North Ring Road. Munich. Lille. Stargard. Koln. These are the places I think about when I am in traffic. While driving a truck around Germany, my mood improves by the morning radio with information about morning traffic jams ... Berlin 5km stu ... Hanover 7km stau .... Hamburg 8km stau ... Koln 4km stau ... Nurnberg 2km stau ... Frankfurt ... yyyy .... uuuu .... aaaa .... Frankfurt disaster :-D


One decent accident is enough for the motorway to jam for a few hours. It may take a long time for the ambulance, police and fire brigade to arrive at the scene of the accident and the scene of the accident is cleaned or alternative detours are made.

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Traffic jams are not only created in large metropolises and are not just caused by accidents. Traffic jams at the toll motorway gates are nothing new to an international driver. Traffic jams in front of the border due to border control and now due to the corona virus. Traffic jams in front of the tunnels caused by the poor technical condition of the tunnel, traffic jams in front of the bridge caused by excessive wind and therefore closed highways. Traffic jams in front of the stadiums during matches, especially the Alliaz Stadium in Munich. Traffic jams in front of airports. Traffic jams caused by the passage of military columns. Traffic jams in front of a paid guarded car park due to lack of free space. Traffic jams on the motorway due to road repairs - for example, the Munich ring road was terribly congested, sometimes up to the Austrian border.
I remember when I was in London while drinking my morning coffee at a gas station, around 5 am I learned how traffic jams change the way of life of Londoners. I talked to a passenger car driver who changed his lifestyle from Monday to Friday in the morning traffic jams. He said that he lives next to London and works downtown, he was fed up with standing in traffic for 2 hours every morning. He decided to solve the problem of traffic jams by starting the day not as before at 6 a.m., he started to get up before 4 a.m., near London at a gas station at 5 a.m. he drank his morning coffee, at 6 a.m. he shopped for the rest of the day in a supermarket, he started a short training session at 6.45 in the gym and at 8 he started working. Thanks to this, the time spent in traffic jams was able to spend on things he wanted to do.
During my European travels, I remember most of the morning traffic jams in Paris. Driving at a maximum speed of 20 km per hour through Paris and the lack of free parking is one of the moments when the driver wonders about the sense of driving in large metropolises. After turning on the google map mobile application and activating the traffic volume option, it turned out that 10 bumps/accidents are marked on the map. The journey that takes one hour in normal traffic was completed in 3 hours.

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Is the solution of traffic jams an idea of ​​the EXPRESSWAY LANE type? The expressway lane is a lane of the motorway that goes to the city center in the morning and in the opposite direction in the afternoon.
More and more metropolises announce time bans for trucks in order to smooth driving through the city during rush hour.

In Rotterdam and Utrecht, information about traffic jams is facilitated by information boards placed next to the information signs above the motorway, displaying the traffic volume in the form of colored lines. Thanks to this, when entering the Ring, we have fresh information whether the road that we planned is blocked. Experienced drivers know that sometimes it is worth detouring the traffic jam along the neighboring motorway, located within a 50km radius, than to stand there constantly wasting time and fuel.

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