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Interview with the author of "Claus Wiesel's world of photos"

1) Tell me at what point in your career as a truck driver did you get the idea to create www.truck-pics.eu/?
I've always enjoyed taking photos, after a long break I decided to create my own website so that I could give my pictures an appropriate platform. On November 11th, 2012 my website www.truck-pics.eu went online.

Trucker trip to Swiss

Let's check it up how the Truck trip thru Swissland by Trucker's point of view looks like. Those photos are taken before winter came to the Swiss Alps. The Connection between Northern Italy and Southern Germany is full of high mountains. 🚚

Loading of timber without a map

When refueling at a gas station, I noticed a large selection of maps for drivers. They all represent the same area in a different way.

Trucker check in
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