3 minutes of Audio trucker check in - sort of podcast invitation

3 minutes of Audio trucker check in - new mobile app

Hello, and welcome to Audio Truckers Check-in. In just a few minutes, we'll record a short audio clip about your experience with cargo registration. The audio will be used to help improve the trucker check-in process for others. If you're ready, please click the link below to start recording. Thank you for your time.


Audio trucker check-in is now live. CLICK THIS LINK and tell us about your cargo registration process using your microphone — no need to write anything down. Audio trucker check-in is the future of web applications for truck drivers. Check it out now!


Audio trucker check-ins sounds good

I'm a truck driver and I don't have time to log in to a web app and write about trucker check-in procedures. I prefer to click on links and make an audio trucker check-in from my mobile phone. Audio trucker check-in is an app that allows truckers to record themselves checking in with their cargo information. It's a quick and easy way for truckers to keep track of their cargo without having to write anything down.

We truckers want to hear your story that you had during trucker check-in. We need to know

  • what
  • when
  • where
  • why
  • how

You made a trucker check-in. It takes only 3 minutes so you wont waste any time. CLICK THIS LINK HERE! It is sort of the quickest interview that you ever had - it is no video interview; it is just a few questions written in a web application. Interviewing truck drivers at best suitable times for truckers is possible by using asynchronized AI web app.


Audio trucker check-in is fast as it can be

Use your smartphone to tell another truck driver how it was at the location you were loading or unloading cargo. If you want, you can introduce yourself as another truck driver, but if you only want to tell about your trucker check-in that's not a problem at all.


Step-by-step instruction on how to make an audio trucker check-in

  2. Answer the question using your microphone
  3. Wait for publication
  4. Receive email with MP3 file and link to your publication

The whole process is much easier than logging into a web app, authorizing your public profile, and writing a post on a smartphone where the keyboard is too small for huge fingers. You can use a mobile phone camera or picture that you store in your media folder on your smartphone and attach it to "AUDIO TRUCKER CHECK IN"


AUDIO INTERIEWS are prepared for knowledge base of trucker checkins.

Interview questions are designed to be easy to answer; you do not need much time to answer them. If you think that some of the questions are not suitable for you, you can skip them. Truck driver jobs are important for the whole economy, not just for transport companies.

The interview subject is the only audio in the truck, and the check-in is automated. Job interviews can be done in the same way soon, so for that reason you need to be familiar with new technologies in the transport industry. Website truckercheckin.com is no longer a website, but a PWA which stands for Progressive Web App. From today, we offer audio check-in, which is the quickest sort of interview you've ever had.

Pre pare for a new dimension in the trauking industry by creating the best practice guide for truck drivers using the latest audio recording web technology. It's as easy as you speak into a CB radio. Share CLICK THIS LINK HERE! with other truck drivers, long-haul truckers, regional truck drivers, and ecommerce delivery drivers.


trucker interview 


Which microphone should I use for recording?

There are a few different options for you to choose from. You can use your smartphone or laptop microphone, or an external one.

Start your audio trucker check in now by clicking this link !!!


Do I need any particular skills or know-how to record audio in Audio Trucker Check-in?

You do not need any specific knowledge or skills to record audio via Trucker Check-In, however, it is recommended that you have a pair of headphones and a microphone.

Start your audio trucker check in now by clicking this link !!! 


What equipment do I need to record audio?

All you need is a smartphone or laptop.

Start your audio trucker check in now by clicking this link !!!

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