Chapter proposal

Chapter proposal "5 head dragon personas - PERPETUUM MOBILE"

How to design an intercontinental human traffic ring in a way not to be found by police, Interpol, FBI, GRU, Europol, etc? Use the seme personas only ones. Create a few level pyramid structure and put the most important things on top; and cover it in the lower half-define level, on top of the bottom pre-defined object that covers higher levels.

First intercontinental template of pyramids

This is a chapter proposal for audiobook "MERhujUS - crocodile trucker". Not interested? Not read! Intercontinental traffic ring from this book is desing by mastermind. Mastermind works on pyramids shapes system, many system designers claiming that this is the best ever design sytem build by ancients.


Pyramid no 1

What is one of the top-secret ideas for an intercontinental human traffic ring? The 3level pyramid is multiplied by 3. It means that on the intercontinental human traffic ring pyramid ROUTE is designed for truckers who s gonna smuggle "junior migrants" on the Mexican - US border.


Pyramid no 2

The second pyramid of the intercontinental human trafficking pyramid ROUTE is designed for the "cargo" of the traffickers. This route is designed in a way that it can not cross with the first pyramid. Cargo is the most valuable thing in this supply chain, so it is moved in the most secure possible way. It is moved from one country to another at time intervals. During those times, internal traffickers check police frequency to check if they are aware of the global ring of illegal cargo.

The top-level of pyramid no. 2 is the most valuable "cargo" that is hidden in level 2 of pyramid no. 2, which is constantly changing ocean shipping containers. The lowest level of this pyramid is traffickers who are constantly changing almost in every country.

If police catch traffickers, they catch local fish, not a whale!


Pyramid no 3

The third pyramid is on top of the supply chain, which can be named a freight forwarder - but it does not mean that it is the creator of the GLOBAL RING. The green fat SHLEK is the lowest level of this pyramid. Level 2 are SIM cards with container numbers for illegal cargo.

At the top level of this pyramid are the NUMBERS - some of them are 4 digits, which means that container number is the key for people who work in port to recognize the most valuable container. Why only 4 numbers? Because this system is not designed to be found! It means that if the police are going to catch SHLEK, they can not prove him anything at all.

 SHLEK low level pyramids

PERPETUUM MOBILE is the next level of the pyramid

The green shaker lover fat boy is smart; that's why he's constantly going for all-inclusive resorts, which is the cover to deliver offline data from hand to hand. Business girls next to him are the perfect cover to hide the real purpose of the visit.

The PERPERTUM MOBILE pyramid is a design not being found by nobody. For that reason, the next level of the top-secret operation can be split into 3 pyramids like at the beginning of this chapter. The human brain and AI think like template systems. If it happens once it can happen again, it is like predicting the weather forecast. For that reason, SHLEK is the 1st 2nd, and 3rd pyramid hidden in one fat body.

Imagine for a while 3 pyramids that are don't touch each other. This is what the next level of the intercontinental human traffic ring looks like. The 2nd secret is that they are not in the same position as the first intercontinental template. They are positioned in a way that can not be found by Artificial Intelligent and Police, so for that reason, they are not connected to each other, if they are not interconnected by each other it means they are not connected to the people who are in the system.

If police find one of the people from this pyramid, they will be waiting for the contact of the person from the other pyramid, BUT it never happened. Design not to be found is based on machine learning and data-driven schemas studies by the masterminds of the system designs. PERPETUUM MOBILE 3 levels pyramids of 3 pyramids are the green fat men that pretend that is stupid.



Perpertum mobile is a truckers joke. Many truck drivers call themselves "mobile" because they are constantly moving.


The lowest level of this pyramid

Junior cargo is used to scare top-level actors, businessmen, and top-level politicians. The scenario is simple. A very important person going to a top-level party with sexy girls and wake up with blood on the hand and "junior cargo" around and everything is recorded on CCTV cameras. That's how the intercontinental human traffic ring keeps them in their pocket.


Medium level of this pyramid

Junior cargo is used by intercontinental human traffic rings to catch pedophiles. "It is an undercover operation"; "this is top secret - I can not help you with that but I can help you with something else" this is how top-level politicians and policemen respond to questions about the Medium levels affairs.


Top-level of this pyramid

Intercontinental human traffic rings cover property thefts, gangs cutting out internal organs to intimidate the family. The top levels of personas from this pyramid are tourists who are going on long journeys on different continents.

But this chapter proposal is not about those bad very bad people who are worse than criminals or drug lords. This is just a chapter about trucker personas and the people who they deal with.

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