5G HACKER next to EU border

5G HACKER next to EU border

Tiny chapter proposal for audiobook about truck drivers. This time it happens in Poland next to the Belarusian border, where the migrant crisis has hit. But if the migrant crisis is the worst thing for international truck drivers?

When HHH's (truck driver ) smart phone abruptly shut off, HHH (truck driver ) and JJJ ( trucker ) were on their way to the holiday house in Poland next to the Belarusian border. They could navigate their way there without any difficulty, because they knew the route like the back of their hands. HHH (truck driver ) flipped on his mobile phone when they arrived at their destination and was shocked to see that he was in Belarus, not Poland, according to the mobile smartphone display. Seems like a 5G HACKER is manipulating the network!

Suddenly his mate's phone started ringing. Hello Mr. JJJ ( trucker ) I m calling from the car insurance company in Poznan Poland. I would like to offer a special deal for you, I can cut your insurance price by half if you answer 3 short questions. HHH (truck driver ) starts talking to JJJ ( trucker )- don't do it - it is FUNK, this is part of the 5G FUNKER.

Mr. JJJ's ( trucker ) first question is special design for you?

  1. Are You in Poland at the moment? YES
  2. Do you have a clean driving license for the last 5 years? YES
  3. Did you ever drive a car after alcohol consumption? NO

OK Mr. JJJ; Perfect answer. I will prepare a special discount for you in a couple of days. Thank you for the phone conversation and have a safe road!

What you are telling HHH (truck driver ), is just insurance companies, that can give me a good deal. Chill out! They called me because I m a very good driver and I never had a car accident. That's the way they offer a good deal to me. "Funk them" said the HHH truck driver. After a few hours they set off to their home city.

The reason there were no cars is that it was the plan; like in the Swiss watch; it was not the middle of the night; it was afternoon. The sports car that came from the left was like a funky rocket! JJJ ( trucker ), braked quickly so that the sports car did not crash them. They were in shock that on the empty road someone drove so fast in their car's direction. The sports car accelerated fast like a rocket, and they could not chase them. The sports car disappears at the nearest traffic light.

Hey HHH have you ever seen something like this?

NO-JJJ I have not seen something like this before, but I can tell you a quick story about 5G signals manipulation.

What do you mean by that? What is the connection between the 5G manipulation and the car accident situation that we just had?

There are some car accident type called sniper -it means that someone targets a specific car on the road not by type, color or shape, but by smartphone 5G signal.

O! Really? Who told you that?

Some truck drivers that I met on truck parking next to the best french highway to the Paris.

OK, tell me this story short.

So long story short. One truck driver who delivers reefer containers full of exotic fruits told me that some people break into their container in the middle of the day.

What? Does it mean that cargo thieves start to steal in the parking lot during the day?

Yes! They where looking for some coffeine by using 5G signal searcher devices and they found a signal that was coming from the reefer container with exotic fruits.

Oh I see. But if it was middle of the day on truck parking, another truck driver could spot it and call for police, right?

Yes, but they had a 5G FUNKER devices that cut the signal in 500 meters from parking. It means that if anyone from the truck parking try to call or send SMS or browse the Internet - cound, not do it.

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