Truck driver life saving rules

Work with a valid work permit when required. Use fall protection when working at height. Obtain a permit for entry into a confined space. Make sure moving machinery is guarded. Check equipment is isolated before work begins. Obtain authorization before disabling safety equipment. Wear a seatbelt in motor vehicles when provided. Do not use alcohol or drugs at work.


Do you know rule of 3 second during taking over? Hope you do, It time for ask yourself 3 simple question about the truck driver safety system.


What do I need to do when I hear an intermittent alarm?

1. I stop working, I make sure my working area is safe and quickly go to the assembly point
2. I carry on working until my contact TRUCKERCHECKIN contact comes to keep me informed.
3. I don't waste time tidying up and I go straight to the assembly point so it is not this answer
4. I stop working. I make sure my working area is safe and I wait where I am for my SAFETY contact to give me instructions.

truck driver safty test

Is it possible to remove a safety system?

  1. only safety system with a red button can be emoved

  2. never - this is mission impossible

  3. only after authorization from people in charge

  4. yes, but only if it stops me from doing my work properly 


How are amines different from classic corrosive products?

  1.  Amines only cause irritations so it not this answer
  2.  Amines are not dangerous for sin, only for the eyes.
  3. The effect of the burn is delayed. You only feel the burn a few hours after contact with the skin.
  4. Only TRUCKERCHECIN can neutralize the burn 

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