I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man!

I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man!

There was news online in some of the best newspapers in the world about President Baiden driving a truck. What??? The president of the United States conducted a car??? Yes!!!

US President Biden spoke at the Mack Trucks plant with "Buy American." Large MACK trucks such as the one Biden gave a speech in front of during the visit to the facility require a special license to drive, and there is scant evidence that he has ever driven an 18-wheeler truck as he was heard claiming.

You can find Joe Baiden's driving record in an old American newspaper on the internet. There is conflicting information on this subject, but it is worth that a person in such a high position, who can drive a big truck and is not ashamed to say about it publicly, is a person who is worth mentioning even in the pages of a blog that is not about politics.

While reading articles about Joe Biden's visit to the Mack factory, I was reminded of when I was taking a course on a long truck driver's license. It was many years ago, and it never occurred to me that I would be the creator of a blog about trucks, and even more so that I would ever post a photo of US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and now US President Joe Biden with the truck!

The most influential people in the world realize that trucks are the key to economic development and prosperity in the world. Driving along and heavy truck is an experience that stays in the memory for a long time for the ordinary citizen who votes for one of the political parties and the presidents.

Drivers worldwide complain about the lack of parking spaces, lack of working and driving hours, no actual hours commuting to the place of loading or unloading. Only politicians can solve the problems of drivers and people working in transport and forwarding. Therefore, it is essential that during the vote for the president and in the elections, cast their vote for people who direct their professional path to the political summit and on the road like the majority of citizens.



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