The Ice Road movie review

After watching the movie trailer, I knew that this was a movie that I needed to watch. World-famous actors in American trucks on the road, ocean ice road, a convoy of three marine 40-foot sea containers on an ice desert with an impressive scenario is worth view attention.

Ice road film

First of all, please do not read reviews that draw this movie as average. After watching the movie, I am very impressed that I saw a mission over a frozen ocean to save trapped miners.


Convoy 3 containers on an ice road - impossible rescue mission over a frozen ocean

The starting film scene is fantastic; the view of a large truck with tires is greater than the average person's growth. On the northern taps of North America in the diamond mine, gas explodes. The miners are waiting for help. Truckers are moving on the rescue, who in the ocean containers carry the equipment necessary to dig covered miners in the mine. In the movie, you can feel the pressure of time due to the missing resources of oxygen covering part of the mine in which the miners are located.


Accident on an ice road in northern Canada

During a long and exhausting ride on an ice road, follows an unreasonable turn of action. The author of this blog entry will not follow the entire film; readers should see the whole movie from beginning to end. The scene from downtime on an ice route deserves attention, shows an actual threat of truck drivers in arctic ocean conditions to save the lies of trapped. When collecting and taking containers in deep-water ports, seaports, intermodal terminals, I never thought about crises when driving on ice. This is one reason truckers who have never been on ice road should watch this great movie.


Unexpected return - ice driver leads an impossible rescue mission.

His attention deserves the reimbursement of action to make the complete story take on a new outline. The main character has no exit, and instead of working drivers, the truck driver must play the role of the hero who .... (Do not read a review, watch the movie from the beginning to the end).


This is not a documentary movie about my collapses.

Liam Neeson is a world-famous Irish actor. His specialties are action and crime films. I watched many movies which Liam Neeson several times because of the fantastic plot, including professional video shots, not a predictable change of scenario, and a champion acting game. I love movies with this actor because they are not a show for the idiots - they are for real movie fans. Therefore, as soon as I learned that Liam would perform in a movie with big trucks, I posted a blog post on the main page,


What kind of movie is Ice Road?

I'm not sure how to compare Ice Road to other movies trucks. Each movie has a kind, a genre to facilitate an exciting position for cinema lovers. This is not a truck show TV series; it is a great movie. After watching the movie, I am thinking about the following categories:

  • adventure film
  • action film
  • Criminal Movie
  • a movie about trucks
  • Movie about transport
  • a movie about sea containers
  • a movie about truckers

Movies directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, starring Liam Neeson, distributed by Netflix - it's worth watching just because of those brand names.


Beautiful panoramic winter shots with trucks in the background

This is missing in most films with trucks - beautiful panoramic shots. Each professional truck driver knows that the best part of the driver's work is riding after gorgeous landscapes, breathtaking gigantic spaces at which a long truck seems to be small like a bird on a tree. Some scenes from the Ice Road movie look like pictures from postcards. They are worth watching. I recommend film enthusiasts working in transport, logistics, and forwarding.


Overall movie rating of ice road - MUST WATCH

This is a movie that is worth watching! This is a movie that many spectators waited for; this is a movie for truck drivers, this is a movie for people working in transport, this is a movie for people working in logistics, this is a movie for people working in the container industry, not only. Each movie fan welded to see this movie because of the world-famous actors and the predictable scenario that matches the icy road. It is not an ice road, only a fragmented lake or ocean through which you can drive during shallow temperatures. Maximum score point for the ice road.

  • Overall film rating 5/5
  • Overall film rating 100/100
  • Overall rating of the MUST WATCH the film

Congratulations to the entire film crew, screenwriters, actors, and team from cameras, sound, and special effects. Working at low temperatures does not belong to the easiest. I cannot wait for Ice Road 2.


My dream is to perform a face-to-face interview on the subject of a movie with an actor who picked up the main character of the film - Mike.

I am waiting for a new movie by Liam Neeson - who knows, maybe he rescues some trucker from a human trafficker ring on next "Taken," perhaps he won't be the main action hero but an officer of the anti-terror squad?


Information from trucker check-in

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Released data in the Us, Europe, Asia may vary. Who dies in the ice road movie? Where can I see the film? What happens in The Ice Road movie? Open the video streaming services and start watching!

The primary image is a poster for The Ice Road. The copyright is believed to belong to the film's distributor, Netflix, the publisher of the film.

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