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I wonna see new movie with trucks

I saw all those old movies with trucks, truck drivers, ocean containers. I want to see a new movie with trucks with a new mind-blowing scenario and professional video shots. What is a good title for a new movie with trucks?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I watched a lot of movies with trucks, truck drivers, sea containers filled with drugs and strange objects. I want to watch new truck movies with a new storyline in new locations. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, in the coming months, no new productions should be expected, apart from one interesting Netflix title - Ice Road.

"The attraction is far from new. And when it comes to telling trucking's story from an entertainment perspective, big rigs and drivers have been the storyline and "stars" of major films and television programs about the profession that date all the way back to 1940."

source: motortrend.com/news/top-10-truck-movies/

Sometimes it's worth checking out very old titles that motoring movie fans haven't heard of. One such item is BJ and the Bear - 1978 to 1981

The success of “Every Which Way But Loose” spawned the television series “B.J. and the Bear,” which aired on NBC for three seasons. Greg Evigan played Billie Joe “B.J.” McKay – an independent trucker who travelled the highways in a red and white Kenworth K100 cabover with his chimpanzee sidekick “Bear” named after famed University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant. Claude Akins, who previously starred in another popular trucking series, “Movin’ On,” frequently guest-starred in the first season.

source: drivewyze.com/blog/truck-drivers/list-top-10-trucking-movies/


Trucks’ and pickups blockbuster movie roles from 2010 to 2020

Here is a shortlist of films in which they show a truck or a pickup truck not only more than once and serve to strengthen the elements of the scenario.

  • Sonic the hedgehog
  • Bumblebee
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction
  • Real Steel
  • Hobbs & Shaw
  • Capitan America: The Winter Soldier
  • Man of Steel

 These are only American productions. The author of this blog post had no insight into European and Asian productions.


Titles proposal for future truck movies

And now my imagination has taken me over and I will make 11 titles for new films that I would like to see on the big screen in the cinema. I want to sit in the cinema in front of a gigantic screen; I want to hear the ultra-spatial sound; I want to sit in the cinema without a mask on my face and see titles like:

  1. The Expendables TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK
  2. From trucker check-in with love
  3. BBBlack truck HHHAT versus white truck SEO
  4. Intercontinental TRUCK TRACK extraction
  5. Search Optimization Mission: dj brother from a truck
  6. Mile 333 on autoroute 777
  7. Immortal search by truckers in a time loop
  8. Black Truck Matters on the road
  9. Orange trucks brothers on an intercontinental trip
  10. Aerial shots from a helicopter to trucks
  11. Those kids can save YOUR soul

My imagination took me for a while and I would like to see all the famous actors from the best action movies in one movie full of trucks, old and modern trucks. I don't mean actors in an auto museum in just one big movie. HA to see Travolta and Rambo on behalf of other younger actors from the fast and the furious?

I wanted to see some good American actors in a movie about trucks in Asia or Europe, in the same movie I want to see some famous actors from Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. I want to see container ports in Hong Kong and Tokyo and Shanghai with a European cast. I want to see a lot of trucks and a lot of actors at the same time.


main characters on proposal trucker movies:

  • no main character - many truckers
  • a fat bad trucker who cheats everyone on the road, mafia, politics
  • top global politics who manage dark web thru trucker hitman's
  • undercover global services squad
  • ex-military fat, bold man who control freight forwarding industry thru military equipment
  • the intercontinental container ship captain
  • "new bruce lee" trucker with mind-reading abilities
  • an aerial photographer who shot trucking the logistics industry
  • brave freight forwarder who found dark web access on the email box 

I can exchange endlessly 


Where - localization - geographic area of the new dream truck movie

  • German autobahn, China railroad to Europe thru Russia, Panama channel
  • Shanghai, Rotterdam, Long beach, Dubai container terminals - the biggest in the world
  • Sweden, French, German truck manufactures factories and best motorways between them
  • Colombia, Brazil and Spain containers port with many small containers vessel
  • Bangladesh port and containers full of XXX on the way to Euro and America, From Euro to India ship full of young women
  • Istanbul, Moscow, Berlin in the same time - many choppers looking for sea containers
  • global secret service remote hidden island VS super hackers elite hidden in few trucks
  • new NOE ark - sort of mega-mega-mega ship full of trucks
  • underground tunnel under megalopolis full of explosive materials

Most movies are shot in one location, and then the main characters move on to the next scene, shot in a different location. Why hasn't a movie about trucks been made yet, in which the main characters do not see each other due to the fact that they find themselves in other container ports and other continents?

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