How often did you make an early check-in at the hotel front desk? I had a situation that I had to make a late check-out at the hotel on holiday in Turkey. Travelers are like truckers - they go from one destination to another to make the check-in & check-out.


Hotel guest travelers are like truckers.

Mobile app for hotel check-in, have you ever tried to use it? If the answer is NO, you are going to have to try. When I was in Luxembourg for a weekend, I tried to rent a room in an excellent, famous name hotel. I went to the Hotel reception, and I saw a long queue of American tourists. I took my mobile phone, opened the search engine, and typed the name and localization of the hotel.

I found an offer on the first page on Google, so I pressed the title and booked the room as fast as possible. In a couple of moments, I received an SMS with a confirmation code, an email with the reservation code, and a bell with a number 3  notification inside the website that I had made a reservation. It was about 2 o'clock, and many hotel guests were in front of the leading hotel entries. I thought I could online check-in, but my battery was not complete, so I decided to make classic offline check-in at reception and speak with friendly hotel staff.

After 15 minutes of standing in the queue, I was the first and gave the booking code for the Lady at the reception, the code I received by SMS and email. Lady took the code, and after a few minutes, she said there was no such reservation number. I smiled and thought that I was so tired that I gave the numbers in the wrong order :) so I gave the hotel serves a mobile with a reservation number. I conducted my interviews in English, but English is not the first language in a wealthy tiny country like Luxemburg. In Luxembourg, you can communicate in 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch.

I bought a cheap room with breakfast, not any suite overlooking the old town. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, I found out that my reservation number was not in the hotel's computer system. The queue behind me was getting long, so I went aside and checked all credit card details, names, and surnames. A light bulb splashed over my head, and it reminded me of the situation when in France, I had unloaded cargo from a long track over the busy fixed hour, and I arrived ahead of time because there were no traffic jams on the highway. I couldn't check in because I was too early. Arrival too early means that hotel guests can not start the check-in process because of some hotels regulations.


How to check-in too early? truckers check-in

I waited until hotel guests were officially received to eliminate errors related to early hotel guest registration. I stood in the queue again, and after a dozen minutes, I smiled again at the receptionist with the same reference number. After a long time of checking the hotel room reservation number, it turned out that the number exists in the hotel database!

I started to ask myself the related questions:

  • What does 'check in' mean in a hotel?
  • What is the process of checking into a hotel?
  • What is self-check-in the hotel?
  • What happens if you check in late to a hotel?
  • How do I check-in and check out in a hotel?
  • What should I be careful about handling my credit card details of the hotel, and can I refuse to do so?
  • Do you need to call a hotel if you check in late?

The booking number exists and is assigned to the type of room I paid for. After a more extended analysis of the situation, I realized that I had been waiting for a room for hours, and my experience as a hotel guest was low. It turned out that my reservation is being made in 2-3 weeks until today ... yes, only for a more extended period. I felt like I traveled back in time, I mean 2-3 weeks, haha!

It was my first early check-in or late check-in situation, so I did not know what I had to do; I decided not to do the stupid disagreement scandal and paid cash for the room for tonight. Another surprise :-0 the hotel is fully booked, and there is not even one free room, ordinary type, b. Not even the most expensive apartment is available. Just in case, I tried to make mobile check-in, but it was not available. I was thinking of paying an extra charge for hotel services, but I went out and didn't call customer service the next day.


Check-in and check-out - trucker check-in and trucker check-out.

Because it was a holiday period and the weather was amicable, all hotels in Luxembourg were booked, and I had no choice - I had to leave this small country to check in a hotel abroad. My guest experience, not the event start, and I was curious about check-in and check-out online service or maybe some problem with online purchase.

As an international truck driver in Europe, I have registered the goods in my truck more often than hotel registrations in hotels scattered all over Europe. While driving in Western Europe, I know it is challenging to communicate in plain language with customer service in warehouses, seaports, airports, container ports, large distribution centers, wholesalers, paid parking lots, and shopping centers.

Arriving too early to load or unload the goods is better than being late at the appointed time. Every truck driver from the heavy international league has had an adventure with check-in before and after. In large distribution centers, everything has to run precisely like a Swiss watch with a white cross in the logo on the black background. Driving 5 minutes too early may deprive the person responsible for the smooth flow of goods of the time bonus. On-time status is essential on arrival documents with timestamp information.


Not enough time for the TRUCKER CHECK-IN mobile app

Using mobile applications for truck drivers is something new, so not many old-fashioned drivers know how to register a user account and enter the minimum data to log in to the mobile application. Truck drivers are not tourists from a 5-star hotel with alcoholic drinks included in the all-inclusive option. There is often no fast Internet connection in front of distribution centers, and therefore drivers do not want to wait a minute or two for the mobile application to load.

I remember when I had to unload express parcels in a place several dozen kilometers away from the motorway, the weather was terrible, it was dark, and the road was severely marked. After unloading, I thought that I would log into the PWA TRUCKER CHECK-IN application and describe my experience so that other drivers could avoid some problems that I encountered when reaching the place of unloading and during unloading.

I had to fill out an international consignment note, scan it in a mini scanner, fill out an unloading form on a mini-computer in the truck cabin. Then check the technical condition of the trailer, check the new transport order, and the new access road. I decided to sign up for the application for drivers and write a brief description. After a minute, it turned out that I had poor internet. I waited a few minutes and could log in. I wrote a short description of how to get there to avoid a fine for the excess cargo of goods, how to avoid a low bridge and the fact that there are two entrance gates. I wrote that the gentleman at the entrance gate is deaf in one ear, and it is best not to use English but use a translator.

I filled out all the necessary fields of the form on the TRUCKER CHECK-IN application, such as: 

  • access to parking
  • is it possible to pause in front of the warehouse
  • access to coffee
  • access to the toilet
  • load time
  • food access

And before pressing the SEND button, a phone call. The information that my new load had been changed because the driver who was supposed to arrive has run out of work time, the other driver is in a traffic jam and that I m late a few hours already and that I have to go now and then snap the engine. We're flying; I flew so fast that I forgot to check out and press the send button with a description of my unloading experience on the TRUCKER CHECK-IN application.

It was the moment when, while driving to the new loading address, I realized that no the driver should provide information about CHECK IN CHECK OUT only to the owners of shipping companies to attract better quality trucks drivers. More and more companies in America and Europe America and Europe that complain about the lack of drivers. Maybe it is a good time for forwarding companies and logistics companies to start meeting drivers' expectations not only financially but also informatively.

Simple check-in & check-out times to change and improve the self-check-in process for truckers and the trucking industry.

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