Can your president drive a truck ?

Can your president drive a truck ?

There are so many presidents in the world, each of them can drive a car, but can your president drive a truck? Vladimir Putin is one of the famous presidents, and he can drive a truck.

Media people do not show up in public in trucks, claiming that truck drivers are poorly educated, and it is not appropriate to appear in public even by the car itself. The media forget that all food in the nearest shop is delivered by trucks, for that and much more reason I think that politics should at least try to drive a truck! If politics try to push the country's economy, why do they not operate a vehicle that moves the entire economy?

Could you not take me wrong? I do not want to see all politics in the truck!!! But when I see a president who can drive a truck is a BIG PLUS!



If the president can drive a truck, the chance that he can go another thing that makes the country's economy flow is much greater! When I type the query "Can you president driver truck" on search engine Vladimir Putin shows up on an organic truck. That's why I put his picture on the top. 


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  • Putin drives truck across new Russia-Crimea bridge - YouTube - May 15, 2018 ... Russian President Vladimir Putin marked the official opening of a 19km-long bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula ... (
  • Putin inaugurates controversial bridge by driving a truck across to seized peninsula Crimea (
  • Truck-Driving Vladimir Putin Inaugurates 'Miracle' Bridge Between ... - May 15, 2018 ... The Russian President Vladimir Putin took the wheel of a heavy truck for the 12- mile drive between Russia and the annexed Crimean ... (
  • bridge linking Crimea with Russia opened by Vladimir Putin - Crimea bridge is Vladimir Putin's project to show that the disputed peninsula has joined Russia for good (
  • Trucker Putin opens Russia bridge link with annexed Crimea - Russian President Vladimir Putin, driving a truck, unveiled the auto section of a new road-and-rail bridge linking Russia to the annexed Crimean peninsula on Tuesday, defying Ukraine, which said the move showed cynical disregard for international law. (
  • Now It Is Putin's Turn To Drive A Big Truck! - The Russian president was opening a nearly $4 billion bridge to Crimea. (
  • Bush, Putin Tour Texas Ranch by Pickup Truck, Talk Missile Defense - President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin rattled around Bush's Texas ranch in a pickup truck and feasted on mesquite-smoked beef Wednesday -- and pressed toward an understanding on U. (
  • Putin Inaugurates Russia's Bridge to Crimea with Truck Ride - Putin said he was confident people would love the bridge to the Crimean peninsula. (
  • Putin drives truck across new Russia-Crimea bridge - Russian President Vladimir Putin marked the official opening of a 19km-long bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula by driving a truck over it. (
  • Putin opens bridge linking southern Russia with Crimea - MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a large construction truck Tuesday to road test the much-anticipated bridge linking southern Russia and the Crimean peninsula that Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The 19-kilometer (11.8-mile) bridge, which took two years to build and cost $3.... (
  • Putin drives truck over a new controversial bridge linking Russia to Crimea peninsula - In a move Western nations are calling a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially opens a bridge to Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. (
  • Russia Crimea: Kerch Strait Bridge inaugurated by Putin after cat ... - May 16, 2018 ... On May 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a sizeable orange construction truck at the opening of a bridge linking Russia to the Crimean ... (
  • Russia's Putin drives truck to open bridge linking Moscow with annexed Crimea - Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a truck across a new bridge linking mainland Russia to Moscow-annexed Crimea, triggering a fierce reaction from Kyiv. (
  • Trucker Putin opens Russia bridge link with annexed Crimea - Opening of €3bn road-and-rail bridge condemned by Ukraine and the West (
  • US Condemns Opening of Kerch Bridge in Crimea - U.S. (
  • Start your engines: Putin driving truck, opens newly-built Crimean Bridge - The Russian president got behind the wheel in the cabin of a Kamaz truck to lead a convoy of 35 vehicles along the 19-kilometer bridge (
  • Vladimir Putin Drives Truck Across New Bridge Linking Crimea To Russia - Russian state television showed Putin dressed in jeans and a casual jacket sitting behind the wheel of a construction truck with workers to drive 19 kilometers across the Crimea bridge (
  • Putin poses in sheepskin, drives a military truck, and looks at the wood on snowy Siberian retreat - Putin is known for routinely releasing a series of hyper-masculine pictures (
  • Vladimir Putin celebrated the controversial opening of Russia's bridge to Crimea by driving a truck over it — without wearing a seat belt - Russian President Vladimir Putin was caught driving a Kamaz truck across a brand new bridge to Crimea without wearing a seat belt, which is against the law in Russia. (
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin Drives Kamaz Truck to Crimea on New Bridge, Bikers Join the Drive - Some Russians call it "Putin's bridge," designed to link Crimea into Russia's transport network. (


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  • bridge for trucks
  • Crimean Bridge
  • much-anticipated bridge
  • controversial bridge
  • Kerch Strait Bridge
  • 19-kilometer bridge
  • bridge link
  • four-lane road bridge
  • railway bridge
  • Vasco da Gama Bridge


  • orange truck
  • construction truck
  • truck with workers
  • dozen trucks
  • Kamaz Truck
  • bright-orange truck
  • cement trucks
  • dump trucks
  • Huge Truck


  • RT News
  • CBC News
  • international news
  • RIA Novosti state news agency
  • French news agency


  • orange truck check-in
  • convoy of vehicles
  • queues of vehicles
  • all-terrain vehicle
  • lines of vehicles
  • military vehicle


  • Moscow-annexed Crimea
  • Crimea Completes Fence on Border With


  • Crimean-Tatar people
  • confident people


  • sanctions
  • Western sanctions
  • Crimea-related sanctions

Russian mainland

  • Russian mainland
  • mainland
  • Ukrainian mainland


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  • sanctions
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  • construction truck
  • news
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  • convoy of vehicles
  • Russian mainland
  • mainland
  • road stretch
  • Crimean Bridge
  • road section
  • much-anticipated bridge
  • truck with workers
  • Moscow-annexed Crimea
  • Crimean-Tatar people
  • time - frequently
  • ally
  • deterioration in ties
  • illegal land grab
  • orange heavy KAMAZ dump-truck


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