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White hat SEO movie review for the "Black Hat Hacker" 

If you are fed up with new movies that sparkle with special effects, constant explosions and are filled with unnecessary violence, I have options for you with a very interesting plot - the 2015 movie "Hacker - Black hat".

Browsing through the pages of reviews of the movie, I couldn't believe that a movie with such talented actors, a good plot, got such a bad exterior. Do not read your movie review written by adult children who collect toys from the Star Wars saga, politically correct fools who litter the Internet and spoil good cinematography, do not get recorded to manipulate opinions.

Watch ' Hacker Black Hat ' movie about bioterrorism at Coronavirus time

I chose the movie "Hacker Black hat", another place its action takes place around the world, thanks to which the viewer can observe the global terrorist network, that does not smuggle children and people from Vietnam and Bangladesh to Europe or America via Mexico but only deal with BLACK hacking HAT. The Black Hat method is recognized as the dark side of the power in computer techniques, search engine optimization, and breaking passwords, it is not planned for the long run, the speed of getting a quick result in a short time and a failure in the long run.

American and Chinese specials combine the best agents with evil hackers using BLACK HAT techniques. At their head, released from prison for the computer legendary hacker - Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth). An international investigation leads the super hacker to Asia.

I will not describe the entire plot of the Hacker Black Hat movie.

I try to offer a different modern look movie review- an overview of books on keywords and a few screenshots of the Netflix screen and a heat map of the keywords. The reader has ready-made keywords from which he will be able to visualize the movie himself. A few photos from the movie with which he is able to combine keywords.

Each of us watched or listened to the weather forecast for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or for the weekend. Now the title reader has a heat map for keywords that display key keywords from the top 10 movie honors scoring from the browsers movie. The same as in the weather forecast, the prognosis is not fixed in all geographic regions; it is averaged - the same in the keyword heat map, search in the movie, and some will not agree with the keyword forecast.

Type of movie:

  • criminal
  • drama
  • thiller
  • action
  • hacker

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Single-keyword list - Hacker Black hat movie review

  • black hat
  • movie
  • Mann
  • Hathaway
  • Michael
  • Mann
  • movie
  • office
  • hacker
  • director
  • American
  • score
  • world
  • million
  • Kassar
  • inform
  • jail
  • Davis
  • pledge
  • chen
  • time
  • computer
  • mann's
  • Chinese
  • music
  • share
  • Jakarta
  • job
  • nuclear
  • FBI
  • black
  • prison
  • team
  • hat
  • dawai
  • digital
  • Mark
  • cyber
  • area
  • code
  • hack
  • special
  • released
  • Malaysia
  • composer
  • Hathaway
  • characters
  • Ross
  • effects
  • government
  • Barrett
  • meaning
  • story
  • stage
  • will find
  • electronic
  • sound
  • registered
  • big
  • agent
  • agents
  • villain
  • power
  • terrorist
  • things

Hacker Black hat movie's two-keyword list

  • Chris Hemsworth [PER]
  • Hong Kong [LOC]
  • black hat [ORG]
  • Los Angeles [LOC]
  • Viola Davis [PER]
  • nuclear power plant
  • Chen dawai [PER]
  • director Michael [PER]
  • Carol Barrett [PER]


At a time when the European Union is planning to introduce artificial integration as a determinant of efficiency, one cannot rely on reviews of films written by AI. Most negative reviews are positioned higher than positive reviews, so don't be guided by negative reviews and just watch the movie.

100% recommend

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