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An extra feature in Article Insights - keyword heat maps

Professional truck drivers use maps and GPS / SAT-NAV navigation to reach the final destination, perhaps Internet users will extensively use heat maps to navigate on the Internet. This is a great feature for SEO.

How to use your competitors' keywords to gain website traffic. At one glance, see the distribution of keywords and how much they are being used across the top 10 sites in Google. The feature is live now!


Take advantage of the hottest SEO trends.

  • Are you paying attention to the hottest SEO Keywords?
  • Heat maps for your keyword research.
  • See what the experts are saying. 
  • It's all about finding the right keywords.
  • This is how you can uncover them.
  • Get the most out of your SEO efforts.

How to create a market research survey with Keyword Heat Map?

They designed the heat map to give graphical representation to statistical data. One of the most popular types of heat maps in marketing is customer journey maps, which can be used for several purposes, including generating ideas for new campaigns and identifying the best channels for reaching customers.

A heat map is a graphical representation of statistical data. It uses color and intensity to show the density of something, such as population or average income. This week, Article Insight has created an interactive heat map that will turn any top 10 SERP into a colorful image for you to explore on your browser screen.

They designed the heat map to give graphical representation to statistical data. This blog post will explore how the heat map works and what it means for marketers. Use the heatmaps to identify keyword opportunities in your SEO campaign.

SEO heat map 2 truck keyword

The map consists of the X-axis which represents the positions from the top ten search results, while the Y-axis represents the keywords used among the best search results. 

We can use the heat map of keywords to quickly identify the most interesting article, remember that the intensity of keywords in one item does not mean better READABILITY of the article. And the higher temperature of the keyword in one position may indicate the use of semantic words in the domain. The heat map of SEO keywords is great for keyword research.



SEO heat map 3 truck keyword 


The heat map of the SEO industry is here!

This is an interesting tool for finding keywords in your industry. These are some of the best keyword heat maps you can find. Here’s an interesting way to look at heat maps in the SEO space. Use these heatmaps to identify new keywords and phrases.

Hotkeys are hot in the SEO world!

Main keywords from SEO heat map:

  • page
  • content
  • site
  • visitors
  • heat
  • users
  • website
  • pages
  • user
  • search
  • google
  • links
  • heatmap
  • make
  • maps
  • click
  • link
  • heatmap
  • click
  • data
  • software
  • people
  • results
  • time
  • tool
  • tools
  • analytics
  • images
  • rankings
  • important
  • improve
  • experience
  • conversion
  • scroll
  • rank
  • internal
  • structure
  • traffic
  • posts
  • show
  • reading
  • crazy
  • related
  • find
  • web
  • information
  • result
  • clicking
  • attention
  • elements
  • understand
  • optimization
  • strategy
  • shows
  • confetti
  • CTA
  • rate
  • marketers
  • coming
  • identify
  • behavior
  • areas
  • readers
  • analyze
  • provide
  • test clicks
  • copy
  • patterns
  • move
  • include
  • specific
  • plugin
  • add heatmaps
  • immediately
  • heat map
  • heat maps
  • heatmap tools
  • a heat map
  • heat map software
  • this heat map
  • the user experience


Use competitor keywords from the SEO heat map:


SEO heat map related questions in trucks, shipment, transport, ocean container industry

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  • Why do you really need an SEO Tool for sea containers and the semi-truck industry?
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  • What is a site map, and what are some examples of the truck trailer market?
  • How much should a transport site with 20 000 visitors a day make?
  • What is B2B Enterprises? truck vs lorry!
  • What’s the ideal readability score for web content?
  • How can I check content quality on truck drivers' job boards?
  • What does it mean to have product sense?
  • What are the different digital marketing tools in the truck industry?
  • What are the best web ocean container analytics tools you can use for free?
  • What is the best transport search engine in the US?
  • How can I go to a freight forwarding link on any website?
  • Which element could help a blog become more engaging?
  • How useful is real-time web analytics on the truck market?
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