Bad review on portal VS links in CV

Bad review on portal VS links in CV

A truck driver found a new job offer at a better company with a better salary. The boss of the company, on hearing of the month's notice, decided not to pay for the last month's work and gave a bad reference so the driver wouldn't leave him. He posted the bad reference on TRUCKER-RATE. In response, the truck driver posted links to check-in reviews on TRUCKER-CHECK-IN on his resume. Who will the new employer trust - the driver who writes regular reviews or for the previous employer?

A truck driver check-in takes place at the logistics location where you load or unload your goods. You'll fill out paperwork and sometimes provide proof of check-in, such as a ticket, printout or EIR, before moving on to the next step in the trucking process. Truck-friendly locations, such as large warehouses, factories, and ocean terminals, will have staff who can log you in and out. You can take care of your check-in history on the trucker-check-in web app at no additional cost, it's free. Just write what you think about freight registration - sometimes one sentence is enough, sometimes 10 sentences is not enough.

You don't have to register or log in to! You email all your submissions to us and we can publish them for you - with your username. Think of it as a micro-part of your resume that no one can erase. You can save links (URLs) to your check-in review and store them online and offline. The timeline of your trucking employment will come in time to find a better job offer. An online check-in history will increase the visibility of your career to a new employer.

A critical review from a previous employer is a real obstacle in the trucking industry. There is no need to explain dishonest employers. Reviewing the freight registration process at various locations is the best way to prove your professional skills to your new employer.


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