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When I saw a comedian in front of Indian trucks, I knew that while watching this TV series I would see a different interesting world.

Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah must now travel to Bay City in order to conduct a demonstration of the recipes and to discuss the dangerous downsides of the new trio. With new costumes, powers, and some unlikely friends, Wren, Reynold, Everett, and Lucy are back with a new set of friends. When Halloween approaches, they realize they're fighting a war greater than just their small town.


It is very tough because it is an entirely new material. They wrote the jokes just that morning, (they would create new ones for each new city). I certainly wouldn't recommend that because it will be very difficult to go on stage in front of 600 people and excite them since they likely expect to see The Manan Desai Show. There’s a lot of funky jokes in their expectation, so it may or may not do what they are expecting.

As producers, we were doing five locations a day, six cameras, two drones, people shooting on location... And writing on the go.

An 18,000-foot drop at Khardung La pass, I was writing jokes and thinking about shooting a 3 Idiots kind of scene the next day at Lake Pangong. “Reality shows are very popular in India, and that too across a variety of genres,” said Vijay Subramaniam, Director, and Head Content at Amazon Prime Video India. A new season of The show will be live on Amazon Prime Video from October 18th in over 200 countries and territories exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It is an unscripted, non-comedic drama that is rooted in reality with scenes portrayed as witty skits in between exchanges of information.

This Sub is not for people who just want to read what the stars are saying. Some episodes called the Dangerous World of comedy. Making yourself laugh no matter what the surrounding circumstances will allow. 

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With Amogh Ranadive and Anu Menon, Vir Das travels to Patiala to find out what makes a Punjabi laugh.

Vir Das, Anu Menon, and Amogh Ranadive are traveling to Patiala to see what the most alpha people in the country are doing funny? What makes them laugh, stereotypes, terrible jokes on sardaars, more importantly, do you have anything worthwhile to say? Along the way, there's butter, chicken, gedi, rap, dhabha, and everything else, of course. In the show's production, the producers are trying to determine what is humorous for Indians. As Vir das and company travel from town to town searching for answers to uncomfortable cultural norms, they examine the topography and the social conditions of each place they visit. The pair gets to know the locals, shows them around the area, and Vir does a short stand-up during each episode.

Are there any popular movies, or one-off shows that are especially popular there? How prominent is a comedy in this culture? The idea of a traveling comedy show is actually a really great one. Vir Das, Shruti Seth and Amit Tandon are in the city of love and kebabs. It is the place where comedy starts in India. Not in the clubs and bars of the Indian city, but in hasyakavis and shaayars of Lucknow. Classic Lucknow. Don't forget to learn the tehzeeb too, and make sure you get your aadaab right!

There’s no denying that road is no over, which means that it’s time for you to binge on new shows that Amazon’s Prime Video has to offer.

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