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During the hours spent on unloading and loading in large fulfillment warehouses, collecting and delivering containers in sea and inland terminals, I heard a lot of opinions about places related to logistics and transport. The check-in review may be positive, but unfortunately, there are also terrible ones.

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  10. toilets
  11. coffee
  12. security
  13. work team
  14. fulfillment
  15. team
  16. professional managers
  17. door
  18. dock
  19. police
  20. waiting room
  21. TV
  22. vending machine
  23. lorry
  24. distribution center
  25. HGV
  26. joke
  27. shame
  28. environment
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  5. legal issues


Example of excellent and 4 / 5-star review in logistics places ( airport warehouse, factory, sea terminal, inland terminal, shopping centers, containers terminals, fulfilments, truck parking ).

  • Very nice people but the location of this building is not trucker-friendly tight squeeze coming in and a tight area to back up.
  • Brilliant all around, including hygiene. Especially during this virus period. Truck drivers!! Overnight parking before enter to gate. Lot for 5-6 semi.
  • Finding them is easy. People are friendly. A lot of fuss, I was looking for my empty trailer for a long time. But the trailer was not there. They said there was. Waited a long time for another trailer to be unloaded. Nearby there is a truck stop where you can eat and park. They have no parking for us.
  • A HUGE company with excellent service!!! Highly recommended. Professional and they get the job done.
  • The appointment was for 7pm. I got there 6.30pm. I was out at 8.15pm. First time ever. Usually at other WWWcompany, is 3 to 5 hrs.
  • nice place to deliver friendly security staff, the only negative thing is if you're delivering here they have a lock on dock procedure meaning you can't sit in your cab.
  • Really nice staff and quick at unloading trailers, They will work with you as quick as possible
  • Hand over the documents at the gate and you will receive instructions on where to go. Smoking area outside near Good in.
  • Good services.. from guard to reciever everybody nice ..appointment preferred..on the right side parking for few trucks ..there are few truck stop nearby ..check pics .. I 93 to exit 7 to 101 east and go around 15 miles and take west exit go left and immediately turn left next driveway for the west experience..posting few pics ..drop and wait for bobtail area or waiting area and restroom and tv and microwave provided..done within 2 hours
  • Large food warehouses ... quick and professional handling of loading and unloading.
  • good depot good faculty's there is canteen toilets coffee areas good tip and reloads there
  • Fast unloading, no waiting for me. Quick in n out, although one of the guys was a bit of an ahole to another driver.
  • Not too bad to get to. Yards a bit tight. Friendly staff and took 15mins to tip 20 pallets.
  • Bad service lots of none sense promises and no delivery at all and no one care to contact the customer. Lots of lies.
  • Clean delivery drivers are allowed to wait in the cab while being tipped.
  • Drop and hook is great if you're doing a live unload lol just plan on at least 2hrs just like the other WWWcompany distribution centers nothing is fast here but employees are decent
  • Nice a quick tip and make a nice change to get a bay tip when you tend to do more curtains open tips.
  • Excellent location well laid out but a bit slow unloading 3hours wait for a bay to unload on.
  • Pretty quick tip. The canteen ain't bad either.
  • Good place for deliveries, respect the staff and they will have a chat if they are not busy oh and they do speak ENGLISH. So come on u miserable lorry drivers that mess it up for the rest of us.
  • Its distribution goes in tip leave sometimes quick, sometimes not.


Example of a bad 0 / 1 / 2 stars reviews in logistics places ( warehouse, factory, sea terminal, inland terminal, shopping centers, containers terminals, fulfilments, truck parking ).

  • No toilet for delivery drivers! This is against the law not to allow drivers to use welfare facilities!
  • This place is a joke, with no regard for a driver's time. Apps mean nothing to these people. Make sure the lady behind the glass in the shipper's office keeps her fingers out of her mouth. Disgusting and dangerous during these times.
  • Rude workers as has always been my experience. Wouldn't work for them if it was the last place on earth.
  • The place is so packed with trailers and nowhere to go! Jockeys don’t offer to help in any way instead look at you like you in the way! I travel with my husband and do the family grocery shopping, and this experience it really changes my perspective on WWWcompany company as a whole! Totally uncalled for and very unprofessional!! To Bad negative stars ⭐️ aren’t an option!!
  • Owner-operators beware. My appointment was for 630am today. I was 20 minutes early. Placed my trailer in a door. It is now 5 hours later and they still have not unloaded my trailer. I was told there is no room on the dock for my load, so it’s still going to be awhile. I will be missing my next load. They have no regard for your time as a business at all. I will never deliver here again.
  • Nice staff but 3rd world toilets for drivers. Clearly not been cleaned for years.
  • Owner-operators and small companies beware. Got hired by a broker to do a "quick drop trailer" needing to do a 34 I was told that I would only need to drop my trailer for 2 days. The load paid well, so we said ok. WWWWcompany staff here is rude and extremely disorganized. They are 30 days behind on unloading trailers. I have called every half-day to get our trailer back it is now day three and still not unloaded. 12 pallets 3+ days?!? AAAcomapny is better than this! I will never deliver here again.
  • Not one of my favorite places for delivering, but they were ok this time !!!
  • Photos show the facilities provided for the supplier drivers. It bases the queuing system and bay allocation on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of your delivery window. This is all run by one poor fellow that has to talk face to face with every driver that goes too chilled and ambient. Take their keys, paperwork, etc. The system is very odd and nothing like it anywhere else. This causes stress and confusion for many drivers, and nobody wants that at work. Put a real system in place and fix the welfare facilities.
  • Organized company - unloaded fast. Terrible location - small street and entrances. Trucks just park in the alley blocking access.
  • Despite being the only trailer on the tipping bays, it still took them nearly two hours to tip me. The gopher (not meant to be derogatory) who took my keys upon arrival was polite and friendly. The guy who gave me my keys and paperwork when they finished tipping me just grunted in reply to any questions or comments I had for him and was typical of others of his ilk..The guy in the gatehouse, although looking like he hated his job, was friendly enough, and got me signed in and out with no bother at all.
  • Hate going to badly organized places like this. Somehow, the driver is an evil entity that must be ignored or spoken to like an imbecile. We are also made to do the craziest things in the name of health and safety, organized by people that do not know what they are actually talking about. If I never do a supermarket supply chain delivery again, it would be too soon. Booo.
  • Poor condition for waiting for driver, long time for offload ocean container.
  • I have had the honor to be driving and delivering in the Bay Area and Sacramento are the past 6 years. Of the hundreds of places I have delivered to and picked up from, this place is like madonna and snow whiter disorder. The staff is friendly and classy during the day, but geez too bad the night shift didn’t have to be so arrogant, rude, and close to hispanic racist there can be. I have witnessed the evening dock crew, primarily the three dock crew main personnel treat blacks and whites like crud while hooking up their hombres regardless of first come first serve basis. I do not recommend showing up in the evening if you’re white or black. I hope I never have to come here again.
  • What can I say toilets disscustin anymore than 5 drivers waiting and you've got to stand? For such a large company you treated like second-class citizens.
  • This is another hit and miss delivery one day you can be 15 mins the next 2 hours
  • Tried doing a delivery here. The main reception was slow and when got hold of the company I had to deliver to waited another half hour for them to collect it
  • Dingy little room you have to sit in, nothing for drivers unless your a sad case that spends all your time on the phone because you're unable to converse with others!


Example of reviews with keyword: ' check in ' in logistics places ( warehouse, factory, sea terminal, inland terminal, shopping centers, containers terminals, fulfilments, truck parking ).

  • Make sure you call them before coming here to make sure what your actual appointment is. My app was at 8 am on paperwork got here at 7:15 they told me to come back at 4:30 at your actual appointment. Check In at 4 got unloaded by 5 pm. Easy check-in/check out. Quick unload. Tight backing. FSP/DOT patrol the street, coming into the industrial park. Looked like they targeted bobtails with level 3.
  • Can park overnight on a road leading up to the guard shack. Guard usually comes out and wakes everyone around 0530. He lets you in after he’s woken everyone to find out their appointment time. I was there at 0330 for an 1130 appt. got a door at 0830 but didn’t get unloaded til 1430. So they’re not fast. You don’t need to get out of the truck to check in, just drive up to the guard shack & they call you when you have a door and done. if you get there early enough(late night or pre-dawn) it’s a good place to rest a spell, quiet. There’s no bathroom access from what I saw, though. There is a pilot a few miles away.
  • Quick check-in, fast unloading. State Trooper on 107th St stopping random trucks for inspection.
  • Overnight Parking on the street, at around 6:30 security, will come knocking on your door to tell you to come to check in. Unloading is quick, usually less than 2 hours. When you are empty you have to leave the property and you can't park on the street during the daytime, police will come to tell you to move.
  • Showed up at 12 pm appointment was at 3 pm was told to come Check in back in at 230 could stay on sight. 230 got a door and was done at 330. Rude people in the office.
  • Bad rules. So long waiting at Security check in.... take 3hrs Unloading very slow it’s mean workers or not enough or night shift workers working slow. The line to check in took 6-7 hours very bad
  • Unloading very slow it’s mean workers or not enough or night shift workers working slow. The line to check in took 6-7 hours terrible.
  • Worse place to deliver, check in @1 pm for 2 pm appt and it’s 9 pm already n nothing happening
  • Check in 3:45pm check out 11:00 Pm


Example of review with keyword: ' truck ' in logistics places ( warehouse, factory, sea terminal, inland terminal, shopping centers, containers terminals, fulfilments, truck parking ).

  • Ok soooo some may not like my reason for giving this place 5 stars but hey here goes. I got here at 11pm at night knowing they were closed and not due to open until 6am and my appointment wasn't until 5pm. I didn't wanna be late because my DOT clock had just expired would rather be early than late that's bad business. Anyway LSS(long story short) I got no sleep parked in the middle of the street with no street lights other than my own and cars and trucks whizzing by it was terrible so I checked in at 6am and the receiving office allowed me to stay on property to get the rest I needed a full 10 hr break! And to make it even better I had at least 3 other drivers whose appointment was before mine come up and ask politely if I was next because they say I was there first and I kindly declined because hey my appointment time was later and right is right so shout out to them and Lineage Logistics, getting the rest with no distractions meant more than getting loaded early. Still here y'all it's 3:30pm going back to sleep.
  • Fast, friendly service. If you show up early to unload, you don't get turned away. If there is availability to get to your truck immediately for unload, the foreman will direct you to a door. Also, receivers happy to help you.
  • No rules. I came first but they start unloading other trucks waiting here last 3 hours.
  • TRUCKERS turn on Jack London and then Voyage for commercial vehicle entry. Fast unloading but tricky truck entrance.
  • Truck backing very tight pls ensure before going away is open there is a lot of traffic or trucks standing. Strictly by appointment.

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