Global Top 50 world container ports ( Million TEU )

Global Top 50 world container ports ( Million TEU )

In the last few years, Asian ports grew faster than European and American. The new "TOP 50 RANKING" concept has existed for decades and is a worldwide delivery benchmark established by the World Maritime Organization (WMO). The idea is a sign of the organization's mission to promote the safe and timely transportation of products. It is a system composed of five zones that are based on transport ports in various nations around the world.

Forwarders ask about new statistics for the largest container port in the world

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The 2021 year data continue: India, Rotterdam, Qingdao, Vietnam, Malta, Japan, United States, the port of Busan, the port of Tianjin, Malaysia

  • List of busiest container ports (
  • JOC Global Port Rankings: Asian ports grew fastest - Continued growth in global trade volumes in 2019 pushed the total container throughput of the 50 busiest cargo ports in the world up 3.5 percent year over year to more than half a billion TEU, according to the JOC Top 50 Global Container Ports 2019 rankings. (
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  • The largest container ports worldwide - The port of Shanghai was the largest container port in 2019, handling containers with a capacity of 43.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). (
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  • Top 50 World Container Ports - Chin's ports are on top of the list of the World Container Ports. With over 7 ports in the top 20 ports. (
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  • Top 50 World Container Ports - - As the largest exporter of goods moving on container services, Shanghai, China ranks as number one in the top fifty global container ports. (
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  • The Journal of Commerce Ranks World's Top 50 Container Ports ... - The Port of Singapore remains the world's largest container shipping port despite falling volume during the global trade ... (


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Top 20 Topics: China continues to rise in top rankings.

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  • daily newsletter - carrier alliance wins or the opening of new facilities
  • largest ports - Singapore still ranks as number two, mainly because it is an important hub.
  • seaborne trade - Source data with annual data.
  • access - Represents total port throughout, included loaded and empty TEU
  • port - among the top 50 container ports, but regional services are huge.
  • China vs West coast of A. - Long Beach: the United States North America West Coast.
  • cargo - Hong Kong Port dropped from one place to eighth place.
  • capacity - industry Infrastructure Intermodal Facilities. South Korea.
  • foot - Compared with the port of Shanghai.
  • country - quality control for that data. Xiamen China East Asia Taiwan.
  • terms - the active subscription will access the full article

Statistics: Japan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Busan, Malta, Manila Tianjin, Yingkou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo Zhoushan

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  • The Port of Shanghai maintained its top spot on the list, reporting a 4.4 percent increase in container volume to just over 42 million TEU, over four times the 9.5 million TEU handled by the busiest North American port, Los Angeles. (
  • Coming in at No. 2, the Port of Singapore reported the highest growth rate of any port in the top 20, increasing throughput 8.7 percent to 36.6 million TEU for the year. (
  • But nearly every port on the map exhibits a steady increase of traffic in the last decade, mirroring a trend in global seaborne trade [PDF], which has expanded by 3 percent every year since 1970, reaching 8.4 billion tons in 2010. (
  • So too, are the channels these “ mega vessels ” will cruise through: a $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal, which carries 5 percent of the world trade, will double capacity by 2015, allowing access for larger (and more) ships. (

External Links from North American - Los Angeles Long Beach - to - port of Rotterdam - port of Hong Kong - port of Singapore

Under this strategy, an international carrier ought to have a minimum of 50 million cubic meters of power and also have a presence in at least seven places across the world. A global shipper that does not show this certification will be considered unacceptable for dispatch to any of the destinations which are designated as a part of the system.

In order for a ship to get entry into one of these zones, it must meet several rigorous international regulations in the bureau administers. Such regulation requires that any boat that displays the HSBC certification must be the primary carrier or the representative of the primary carrier involved in the shipping voyage. Another means of transmissions like through radio, electronic mail, or shipping courier services is regarded as a way of communication that doesn't meet the particular requirements. With email, I assume that the message received and transmitted should also fulfill the regulations concerning postal standards.

An international traveler must also adhere to several conditions that can affect their ability to export goods into the worldwide market. As an example, a person who wants to export steel headers, tanks, pipes or coils in the worldwide market must first apply for an export permit that's authorized by the government of the place from which the items are being sent. I approve just following this application may the exporter proceed with the dispatch. Failure to abide by these conditions can lead to fines or costs and, sometimes, even imprisonment.

There are several approaches to get into the organization of the system. It might cause the submission of an application for admission or participation through a plan that's handled by the IAAO. The applicant may also become a part of their organization based on a special invitation or designation. This is just like joining the International Airline Shipping Association (IAATA) which is the governing body for the system. To apply for registration, one needs to submit an application the board of directors of the IAAO will review. After acceptance, a certificate of registration will then be provided to the applicant. Along with this, the IAAO provides container transport and freight forwarding solutions.

Annual data will be available on the website next year.

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