Copywriting Formulas for Shipping, Logistics and Trucking industry

Copywriting Formulas for transport, shipping, logistics and trucking industry

When you desire to get your audience's attention and make them want to read your blog post or blog, you are going to wish to create utilization of call to action solution. Describe the features and benefits 1st call to action. A copywriting formula is a sentence or short paragraph that can draw the reader and inform them of something that they failed to previously understand. Let me show you 4 copywriting formulas in the Transport industry.

Features-Advantages-Benefits for Shipping, Logistics, Transport, and Trucking industry

FEATURES: Truckercheckin is a mobile freight management application that helps truckers and freight forwarders manage all their operations and business processes on the road.
ADVANTAGES: Truckercheckin helps freight forwarders and truckers by providing them a mobile-friendly freight management solution.
BENEFITS: Truckercheckin offers a suite of customizable features that will enable them to have their hands on the latest information at all times.

FEATURES: A freight forwarder can now, with the click of a button, check a driver into a load and send the driver's information to the carrier in real time.
ADVANTAGES: This will help reduce the time needed from the time the driver is checked in to the time they pay the driver.
BENEFITS: This will reduce the time spent at the loading dock and increase driver satisfaction.

FEATURES: Truckers can use the app to report their arrival status, check in with dispatch, take a photo of their load, and get customized information about the current loads available.
ADVANTAGES: Truckers can use the app to have a faster, more effective freight booking process.
BENEFITS: Truckers can have more time to spend on the road, rather than on the phone and filling out paperwork.

FEATURES: TruckerCheckIn is a free mobile app that gives truckers the ability to check-in to freight forwarders and freight carriers with just one tap.
ADVANTAGES: Keeps truckers informed of their shipment's status and location.
BENEFITS: Truckers can spend less time and money on the phone and more time on the road.

FEATURES: Truckers can use truckercheckin to upload their shipment information and document their time spent on the road.
ADVANTAGES: They can work with an experienced team of freight forwarding professionals to organize all the details of a shipment.
BENEFITS: Truckers can focus on the important part of their job - driving trucks.



PAIN-AGITATE-SOLVE for Shipping, Logistics, Transport and Trucking industry

PAIN: Logistics is a tough industry to be in. The shipping industry is more competitive than ever, with companies cutting costs and one-upping each other in the race for new clients.
AGITATE: Freight forwarders need a way to stay ahead of the curve, or they’ll be left behind in an industry that moves at a breakneck pace.
SOLVE: truckercheckin is a logistics management platform that allows freight forwarders to stay on top of their game. This easy-to-use system will allow you to optimize your time and eliminate the need to spend hours on the phone with different carriers.

PAIN: Delays, slowdowns or other unexpected changes in your shipment's schedule can cost you time and money.
AGITATE: Freight forwarding companies like ours can help you avoid these unforeseen events with our comprehensive service, ensuring that your shipment is delivered promptly, and with the least amount of hassle.
SOLVE: With our freight forwarding service, you can enjoy a worry-free experience with a service that is tailored to your needs.

PAIN: Logistics is a difficult industry that is often not taken seriously. Logistics companies often have a negative connotation.
AGITATE: Trucker Checkin is a great way to monitor your freight, book your freight, and get a freight bill.
SOLVE: Trucker Checkin is a complete freight management app for truckers. Trucker Checkin is a lifesaver.

PAIN: The problem with the freight forwarding industry is that logistics is difficult.
AGITATE: The problem with the logistics industry is that freight forwarders are difficult.
SOLVE: Truckercheckin is a mobile app that will take care of all your freight forwarding needs. Now you can find a freight forwarder in your area, plan, and get your freight shipped with no hassle.

PAIN: As a freight forwarder, you need a way to manage your freight.
AGITATE: Truckercheckin is a mobile application that enables freight forwarders to make a paperless, digital record of cargo shipments.
SOLVE: Sign up for our beta and we'll give you a free two-week trial.



Before-After-Bridge for Shipping, Logistics, Transport and Trucking industry

BEFORE: Truckers are a valuable commodity. They are the driving force behind our economy. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to operate.
AFTER: We all know the importance of truck drivers. They get things done, and they do it efficiently. But for every truck driver, there’s an equally important freight forwarder. They’re the ones organizing all the paperwork, arranging international shipments, and making sure everything is running smoothly.
BRIDGE: Now, instead of working with a freight forwarder that doesn’t understand the trucker’s needs, you can work with truckercheckin. They know what truckers need, and they know how to make their jobs easier. Truckercheckin is the trucker’s connection to freight forwarding.

BEFORE: You know that feeling when you're ready to leave the office, but then you realize you have to take the time to wrap up all your work first?
AFTER: No more worrying about back-logged tasks! With Freight Forwarder Check-In, you can enter the hours you worked, and have your work done by the time you get home.
BRIDGE: The days of worrying about unfinished work are over. Freight Forwarder Check-In lets you work ahead of deadlines so you can get home fast.

BEFORE: Today’s freight forwarder has a lot on their plate.
AFTER: Managing freight can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Trucker Checkin simplifies the process by allowing you to track your vehicles in real-time, manage your fleet of drivers in one place, and request customer pickups and deliveries from your mobile phone.
BRIDGE: Trucker Checkin takes care of the tedious work and leaves you to focus on the important things like growing your business.

BEFORE: How would you like to spend less time on paperwork and more time on actually shipping freight?
AFTER: With truckercheckin, you can cut down on your paperwork and spend more time on the road. Truckercheckin is a freight-forwarding solution that connects you with assigned drivers and helps you track your shipments in real-time.
BRIDGE: Truckercheckin is the solution you need to get more done every day. Sign up for a free trial and start shipping freight today!

BEFORE: When your shipment is in transit, you’re always wondering if the trucker is following the rules.
AFTER: With our products, you can find out where the truck is with a single tap. TruckerCheckin provides real-time location updates so you can rest easy knowing your shipment is safe.
BRIDGE: Keep your freight company one step ahead with TruckerCheckin.



Attention-Interest-Desire-Action for Shipping, Logistics, Transport and Trucking industry

ATTENTION: Truckers, freight forwarding companies, and international freight companies; start your freight logistics software free trial today!
INTEREST: Freight forwarders have access to freight logistics software that includes the most common freight logistics tools.
DESIRE: Quickly schedule pickups and deliveries, create and print shipping labels, and track shipments to destinations, all with a few clicks of the mouse.
ACTION: Join the freight logistics software free trial today and get started on your freight logistics software journey.

ATTENTION: If you are a freight forwarder and handling international shipments, you have to use a truckercheckin account!
INTEREST: truckercheckin is an international freight forwarder account that allows you to keep a close eye on your freight during the transportation process.
DESIRE: truckercheckin is a subscription-based service that is perfect for your company's international shipments.
ACTION: Start my Free 30-Day Trial.

ATTENTION: Freight Forwarders: Get the most out of your time with truckercheckin.
INTEREST: Track down best deals on freight with truckercheckin, the ultimate freight forwarding tool.
DESIRE: With the most accurate freight rates, truckercheckin empowers freight forwarders to make more informed decisions.
ACTION: Start my Free Trial today.

ATTENTION: The information you need in one place to make your job easier
INTEREST: It's time to transform your logistics workflows with truckercheckin, a powerful logistics management platform.
DESIRE: With truckercheckin, you can save time and money.
ACTION: Start my Free 30-Day Trial.

ATTENTION: You're in the right place for trucker checkin services
INTEREST: If you need trucker checkin services, is here to help you.
DESIRE: Trucker is a freight forwarding company that helps you stay ahead of your scheduled deliveries.
ACTION: Start my Free Trial.



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Copy quotes - because I set out to document every copywriting formula I came across.

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Power copywriting formula topic clusters for shipping ( international forwarding and trucking industry )

Topics referenced help you get across search results organized in clusters:


  • Close with a call to action formulas ( long-form sales pages )
  • copywriting formulas (proven copywriting formula from the advertising industry)
  • headline formula (landing page headline formulas)
  • simple formula - example — Attention Interest ( write effective copywriting from ad copy blog post)
  • Headline copywriting formulas ( Getting your reader's attention Interest )
  • popular copywriting formulas (shows that you can use this formula for other purposes as well)
  • endorsement formula (time proof–point to hard proof of why your product or service solves the problem of your audience)
  • the formula for sales (make that reader desire the product or service)
  • favorite formulas (give a brief rundown of how your product or service works)
  • standard copywriting formulas (be used for direct mail, television and radio, sales pages, landing pages)


  • list to persuades them to take action.
  • bullet list AIDA stands for: Attention Interest Desire Action Grab the person's attention
  • List posts create the conviction to take action.
  • comprehensive list ( writing a sales letter that gets your audience reading and clicking)
  • list of features  ( want to experiment with your sales page copy)
  • list of headlines ( blog post ideas )
  • List special ( created specifically for sales pages )


  • email marketing (more persuasive copy, the copywriting formula works particularly well in email campaigns)
  • marketing strategy (solution: your product or service )
  • Content marketing (List out all the benefits of your product or service)
  • marketing efforts ( something like a money-back guarantee, secret of amazing email campaigns )
  • marketing message (customer testimonials, case studies, rating/reviews, get rid of spammy comments )


  • product for transport industry (Articles & Case Studies)
  • product launches (I use this formula on my sales page for my blog)
  • product descriptions (make that reader desire the product or service)
  • product benefits ( including all the features and benefits )


  • famed copywriter ( see how this new one formula uses a problem to draw the reader in)
  • master copywriters (A risk reversal takes away all the risk with big action)
  • formulas among copywriters ( make offer your solution )


  • action (Make sure your CTA is clear above all else, Get Rid of the low-converting headline)
  • calls to action ( time headline, bullet points, and a reader image)
  • action button - used to fill in the blank (to click on the post and read the article)


  • stories (how other people are using the same product or service)
  • captivating story (tell the reader what action you want him to take)
  • success story (offer the reader a solution to the problem)


  • response ( guarantee for reassurance Risk Reversal )
  • direct response ads ( make that reader desire the product or service )
  • emotional response ( be a better copywriter and make more money in 2021 )


  • statement (make recommendations about transport )
  • shocking statement (Awareness: Make your readers aware of the problem)
  • Attention-Grabbing Statement ( to make your words catchy and memorable)


  • sense ( make one promise – Prove – Push [PPPP] Picture – Paint a picture that gets attention and creates desire)
  • sense of urgency and scarcity (Paint a picture of benefits list of what will happen if they don't sign up)


Top 20 topics formula in blogs: everything guide to writing copy in shipping, transport, trucks, and logistics.

Topics sorted by frequency across top search results:

  1. ultra-specific formulas for a transport solution
  2. copywriting formulas ( Make it easy to buy freight from your company )
  3. action (one formula for sales letters in shipping)
  4. attention (use emotion to agitate the problem)
  5. solution (Provide a case study or example of success)
  6. copywriting (benefits List with product feature- no delay on the terminal )
  7. social media posts (Get Rid of the problem in container industry)
  8. product (transport Landing Pages with containers for the blog reader )
  9. benefits ( use like bullet points problem agitate solution by email)
  10. customers (grab the reader's attention by stating their problem and the solution)
  11. times ( agitate the problem by focusing on rapid-fire questions )
  12. the idea (that you use on a landing page, the character could be your customer)
  13. service (the reader's attention Advantage )
  14. sale (make for great storytelling—for a blog post, a landing page)
  15. headline ( one, two, or three words to get a reader's attention )
  16. email (this formula is great for when you're selling to an Asian customer)
  17. calls to action (a time-limited offer Action: Get the reader to take action)
  18. stories ( sales letter that gets your audience reading and clicking )
  19. sense of urgency ( one desire conviction every time when users read the blog post)
  20. step (it base time formula on delivering to your reader a case study)
  21. content ( write great description persuasion a few times on company blog)
  22. headline formula ( write one new sales letter Formula)
  23. article (make effective copywriting from our ad copy blog post)
  24. desire (benefits via stats, proof, or a customer case study)
  25. prospect (the most important benefits, make your call to action )


Finally, end with a powerful, irresistible call to action headers with a formula that helps you write better and faster blog posts in the SEO shipping industry.

Headers used across top search results:

  • If Don Draper Tweeted: The 27 Copywriting Formulas That Will Drive Clicks and Engagement
  • Before–After – Bridge
  • Features – Advantages – Benefits (FAB)
  • Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA)
  • Picture – Promise – Prove – Push (PPPP)
  • The psychological pull of Open Loops
  • The Reader's Digest blueprint
  • Sonia Simone's 5 Pieces Every Great Marketing Story Needs
  • Star – Story – Solution


Encourage users to take action with questions about container terminals, seaports, trucks, forwarding solutions.

Encourage users to take action, get the desire conviction action. Questions used across top search results:

  • Why use copywriting formulas? Use attention-grabbing greeting.
  • What makes a good copywriting formula?
  • Why Copywriting formulas for social apps specifically?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What are your target market's mass desires?
  • Which formula will you try?
  • Great copywriting formulas: Smart copywriting or cheating?
  • Will your landing pages have a happy ending?


Formula statistics not only for trucks, containers, forwarders in Asia, America and Europe

Information Content writing topics. Factual sentences referenced across top search results:

  • Value proposition Testimonial Bullet list Block of body copy CTA or button copy Subject line (for emails) You're 90% of the way to complete when you have these pieces sorted. (
  • This Little Known Copywriting Formula Increased My Organic Traffic by 120%. (
  • You'll likely also appreciate their 4 Ls, which are the four qualities your testimonials should not have: (
  • 100% caoutchouc lite outsole [feature] with shock absorber heel [feature] reduces the jarring effects [advantage] for comfortable stride [benefit] . (
  • According to these guys, legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga said this pre-pub copywriting formula with multiple your productivity 11-fold. (
  • And examples for using them in the wild: 25% of Blog Owners Never Check Their Analytics Email Outreach (
  • According to the 4Cs formula, compelling copywriting has four characteristics: clear, concise, compelling, and credible. (
  • On the average Web page, users have time to read 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely. (



For there to succeed in copywriting formulas, you want to understand how human psychology works. We all have certain causes that we undergo in life which make all that the gap on the planet. If you are trying to sell a product on the web, a formulation will be exactly what you want to create your formula work. Still, another very effective formula will be your call to action. With the call to action, you're telling your readers what they if do following studying your formula. You may wish to consider an account an example. If your formula is telling your readers to sign up for your free newsletter, however, you put the subscriber in that the footer of the essay, so it's possible to guide the reader right to a registration form, then you are placing them to the road of everything you need them to really do.

You would like to share with them what they need-to-do immediately after studying your call to action and then give them motivation into following your telephone to action. Say something such as "Please click this connection to subscribe to our strong newsletter. This article will show you most of the hottest free tools you can use to improve your business". By doing this, you might put your reader into needing to subscribe to your list.

Finally, grab your reader's attention with a headline. A headline will be what makes your viewer's attention, and then your articles are going to accompany them through. So be sure you catch your audience's attention by having a catchy headline. Often you've to read between your lines when a dull headline comes across. When you have got their attention, then you can start your own message.

Once you have hooked your reader's attention and you have supplied them along with your telephone to action, then your formula is finished. You only have to see the results. After all, you would like to distribute them together with something which can help them reach their own goals. Use a call to action solution and make sure to take action.

So by after these copywriting formulas, you are likely for results!

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