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Demand for Asian goods creates shipping container shortage

In Europe, America, and Asia we have a full-blown container crisis on the seaports. Any available containers are booked so the market needs more warehouse spaces. The container crisis affects all companies that need to ship goods. Asian products are affected by shipment delays.

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  • Demand for Chinese goods creates shipping container shortage - Global demand for Chinese goods has been so strong recently it’s creating a shortage of containers and driving up shipping costs, potentially impeding the (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Container shortages the biggest disrupter: where are all the empty boxes? - The Loadstar - Some container vessels have been sailing from Asia to Europe under-utilised in recent weeks due to an acute shortage of empty boxes. A carrier source told The Loadstar: “We have had to sail light a few times recently as there are just not enough boxes at depots [in China] to meet the demand.” All ca... (theloadstar.com)
  • An 'aggressive' fight over containers is causing shipping costs to rocket by 300% - Industry watchers said desperate companies wait weeks for containers and pay premium rates to get them, causing shipping costs to skyrocket. (cnbc.com)
  • Drewry: Blanked Sailings Contributed to Container Shortage - The global shortage of shipping containers has become one of the most hotly discussed issues in the... (maritime-executive.com)
  • Year closes with container shortage continuing - ISRI says new shipping company procedure is the focus of an investigation. (recyclingtoday.com)
  • Global container shortage drives spike in international shipping prices - A shortage of containers and unexpected recovery in demand in North America and Europe has driven a surge in shipping rates in the second half of the year. (scmp.com)
  • There Aren't Enough Containers to Keep World Trade Flowing - The availability of cargo containers at Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp in Europe and Long Beach and Los Angeles in the U.S. are at the lowest levels recorded. (mhlnews.com)
  • Shipping-container shortage hampering seafood exports from Asia - A severe shortage of shipping containers is leading to rising shipping costs and difficulty moving goods, playing havoc with seafood exporters in Asia. (seafoodsource.com)
  • FEATURE: Global container shortage brings challenges, increased costs to EMEA polymer markets - Tight global container availability amid a heavy backlog in Asia has led to increased lead times and a rise in EMEA region polymer price levels, market participants say. (spglobal.com)
  • Asia container shortage worsens, even for premium services - Freight forwarders say that container shortages at Asian ports are so severe that carriers with premium trans-Pacific services are sometimes unable to guarantee customers equipment will be available at the Asian load ports they serve. (joc.com)
  • Container shortage: Its currently an enormous unseen challenge - Empty 40-foot-containers are currently in short supply – more than ever before. Nico Hecker and Christian Halgmann from Hapag-Lloyd´s Container Steering department explain why now it is particularly important that everyone at Hapag-Lloyd works closely together. Even unconventional measures need to b... (hellenicshippingnews.com)
  • No Easy Solution To Global Container Shortage - The current shortage of containers has resulted in high freight rates for exporters and disrupted many Malaysian businesses that trade globally. This, in turn, has led to calls from the Malaysian National Shippers’ Council (MNSC) for the government to intervene and provide some sort of fiscal relief... (hellenicshippingnews.com)
  • Costco expects container shortages through March - Freight bottlenecks are delaying replenishment to Costco stores by two to four days, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said. (supplychaindive.com)

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  • European road freight rates, driven down by pandemic, may be recovering
  • Yang Ming takes early delivery of new box ship for transpacific service
  • Extra services bring more congestion and vessel delay at San Pedro Bay ports
  • Philadelphia unveils plan to expand air cargo facilities and develop a CCS
  • Warning to shippers that transpacific contract rates may be overheating
  • An 'aggressive' fight over containers is causing shipping costs to rocket by 300%
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  • South Korean's biggest shipping line HMM Co. said Thursday the shortage of boxes and space on ships would likely continue in the first half of 2021. (japantimes.co.jp)
  • Exports from China surged 21% in November from a year ago as the country's mammoth industrial engine cranked out mountains of appliances, toys, clothes, personal protective equipment and other items currently in high demand around the world. (reuters.com)
  • Roughly 60% of global goods move by container, and according to United Nations trade data there are close to 180 million containers worldwide. (reuters.com)
  • The cost of chartering a 40-foot container from China to the U.S. East Coast scaled a record $4,928 this week, up 85% since June 1, according to Freightos data in Refinitiv Eikon. (reuters.com)
  • Rates to Europe have jumped 142% over the same period, and by 103% to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. (reuters.com)
  • The Ningbo Containerised Freight Index from China to Singapore/Malaysia soared nearly 300% between early October and early December as a bidding war for shipping space broke out among Southeast Asian exporters. (reuters.com)
  • Monthly output in China - which accounts for 96% of global production - hit a five-year high of 300,000 units in September, according to CCIA data. (reuters.com)
  • The Port of Los Angeles, the top U.S. container port, imported 3.5 containers for every one it exported in October, and shipped a record 326,000 empty containers that month, according to shipping organisation BIMCO. (reuters.com)
  • In December, spot freight rates were 264% higher for the Asia to North Europe route, compared with a year ago, according to Mirko Woitzik, risk intelligence solutions manager at supply chain risk firm Resilience360. (cnbc.com)
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