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I just put live the new video "How to check-in at the container terminal" and "How to check-in TRUCK manufactured in the factory" which is in my opinion the most important video of the entire series. These types of news, blog posts and notifications will be available in the coming years on the mobile application, social networks and web 3.0.

Looking at the tourist video on youtube, I found a really interesting video of the trip on the Tokyo freeway, the night trip to the center of Singapore, the trip from Miami Beach to the center of Miami. Almost every metropolis in the world has several high-quality videos showing the passage through the best expressways or highways. Videos are posted by car enthusiasts and increasingly by travel guides advertising their services. During my career as an international trucker in the European Union, I visited the maritime terminal and the largest factories on the old continent. Prior to the first visit, I had to watch a video illustrating the visit to the company premises along with the safety guidelines and internal procedures in effect at the company premises. The total ban on the recording and publication of videos seemed inappropriate, after watching the video, there was a test with open and closed questions. Some drivers failed the test on a monthly basis and were not allowed on company premises. With these drivers in mind, video movies should be made available from the level of mobile applications and even YouTube. I am convinced that within a few years the video showing the course of the trucker's visit, the communication process for the shipment and the training materials for the logistics employees will be available online on request. The videos will contain the following information:

  • How to check-in step by step
  • When to repeat the process
  • What to do if an accident occurs
  • How to review and rate the visit in the logistics place on truckercheckin.com

As the global transportation network grows, we will witness the Deman video revolution in the field of transportation, logistics and forwarding. All global logistics companies will have video materials intended for shippers and carriers. Satellite navigations designed for trucks most likely have pre-built video codecs with the CHECK IN VIDEO module. Navigation connected via Bluetooth will connect to the PWA TRUCKER CHECK IN mobile app and make all available materials more accessible: text, audio and video.

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