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Truckercheckin - what ? how ? mobile pwa ?

We include simple questions and simple answers contained in e-mail correspondence in one mini-article. Because of numerous questions, we have created a list of the most frequently asked questions and we answer them in a few sentences.

* TRUCKERCHECKIN : How does it work?

Users have to register to create an account. The next step is to log in and from the top menu and search for the logistics place (top menu search icon ). For example, write the Amazon Szczecin in the search box and click on the 3rd position. Scroll down the page till the WRITE REVIEW button appears and press it. This is an easy review tool which is not a hard pill to swallow. Our app does not have a lot of settings and tricky details. It helps people get an idea of what is happening behind the closed gate of a terminal, airport, warehouse, factory, logistics center.

* What type of service do you provide?

We provide the review and rating for the check-in process of unloading or loading the truck ( containers ). The check-in process starts in the place where the truck came for loading or unloading. This process is accessible for truckers, forwarders, terminal-logistic workers, and sometimes for clients. So it means that all of them can write the review with the rating.

* What do you hope to get out of our platform?

Knowledge of the check-in/registration process to make data-driven decisions. Maybe someday this data goes into AI algorithm inside the GPS / SatNavs systems thru REST API.

* What are you looking to achieve?

We would like to achieve huge traffic to make our PWA web app more accessible for truckers, forwarders, and logistics workers. We would like to make a mobile tool for truckers around the world to make their work smooth. We have a comprehensive plan to set up an extensive project for construction sites soon.

* I was wondering if you could possibly provide us with three of your top competitors for this?

At the time of writing this blog post, I don't know of any competing sites or apps. We are not a site with truck parking catalogs, we do not describe truck accidents. We receive an email with information that SEO systems cannot find our competitors. We just have no competition. We are a new category in the world of transport, logistics, and forwarding.

* What is the review of the check-in and registration process all about?

The check-in process in some warehouses can take 5 minutes but in some big factories can take up to 1 hour. Because of the TECHO TIME regulations, truckers and expeditors have to plan their working plan in front. We provide the tools to collected and show the data for them. In some logistics centers, truckers before check-in have to pass the test which takes extra time too. Users can publish a picture of the place or a map of the factory. Freight forwarders can write a review of the communication channels between their office staff.

* Can I add my company to truckercheckin directory and the procedure of check-in?

Sure, just email us the details like full company title, full address, and some additional details like photos of the transportation areas of the company (map ). If you would like to have a back link from the profile page of Your company just contact us by email. Our app has been attacked so many times we decide not to communicate thru forms. Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Do you do custom back link building?

Yes, but only high quality correlated with the transport industry in general. We write sponsored articles with text links and one image link inside an article. I can publish our articles in many languages, so our links still impact keyword rankings in search engines. Our content with rich keywords is a promotion that increases the awareness of the brand, domain, URL. We DO NOT build back link for gambling and erotic. Instead of that, we provide transport-related links in blog/directory style which means advertisements decent content-centric. How much does it cost? Mail to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Do you design the website or web app?

Yes, we do on a regular basis. We have many years of experience with web design. We use the newest CMS technology. We had clients from many countries. We use the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to make our website and web app for not only by mouse. From the Simple Landing page, thru blogs, e-commerce into the professional portal. Our prices start at $1000. Mail to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Can I use truckercheckin in China?

Yes. We pass the Great China FireWall and our web app has been indexable by Baidu. It publishes our blog posts in the Chinese language in the CHINA section accessible from ASIA top menu. We have the first email from Chinese forwarders from Shenzhen. China is the transport king of the global trucking industry, so for that reason we looking forward to developing more for the Chinese market.

If you'd like additional suggestions please let me know.


Use 7 - 31 times EXAMPLES

  1. Freight Ocean Freight Air Freight Price Inquiry: Air Freight International Freight Shipping Air
  2. Order Receive Shipment Notification e-Mail (Air Cargo Only) Logistics Tools Home Service
  3. Offers Book shipment Why Ship Hub? Compare air, ocean, and rail freight quotes Fill in one form.
  4. to-door Door-to-port Door-to-door Sea Volume or Air Number of Pallets (if applicable
  5. For Your Shipment Mode of shipment Sea Rail Air Origin Destination Shipping contact type contact request by filling the form with a name, please; Services Cargo Insurance Air Freight Our Smart air freight services feature merged shipment.
  6. Air Service Ocean Freight Sea, Air, & Truck Services Cargo Insurance Small Package
  7. System Web tracker Home Service Services Air Freight Ocean Freight Solutions Customs Brokerage

TERM DETAILS transportation

Use 2 - 7 times EXAMPLES

  1. Cost rates Receive a non-binding quotation for truck transportation services across Europe. Enquire now! Please fill inquiry, quite a form request.
  2. Export Air Export Customs Brokerage Domestic Transportation Cargo shipment Warehousing Project Logistics cost; name; destination; work request
  3. History Classroom Teaching History What Is Transportation Transport Topics 100 Years Celebration Summer
  4. Odometer. How Does Car Shipping Work? The way transportation car services work is by picking up your car and service cost; service name; transport inquiry
  5.  For these reasons, it’s important to ask the transportation company what to expect regarding the time needed service costs for transport need last address and first request.
  6. Get an email from destination contact information! Check out these 17 awesome project's name country road please use time zone work ideas. TransNet Craft Ideas | transport Crafts. Did you know quote costs or inquiry requests within the company, personal phone with international city prefix?
  7. Construction Theme: send personal Construction Crafts and Transport time request city Unit Activities For location request please contact the shipping office by filling the quotation company contact form request email.

TERM DETAILS information

Use 6 - 20 times EXAMPLES

  1. To submit an automated request for a quote or information below ( see the phone ). An admin of the transport service will reply. Personal contact sends a day.
  2. Get inquire now! Please fill out the following information. You will receive a non-binding quotation from us.
  3. Our completely integrated supply chain logistics information management solutions designed to automate and quote the company to get into transport app with the cost of service to city phone; city; address; email; type
  4. Next, If you are human, leave this field blank. Get Information: they must till the Marked fields out. CONTACT US international destination for free quote needs free.
  5. every contact Name * First Last E-Mail * Vehicle information Vehicle details * Vehicle model Year of
  6. Everyone determines the services, we need some information. Please fill out this form as thoroughly as.
  7. Volume (m³) Weight Cargo / Goods Additional information or requests Email address REQUEST FREE QUOTE How to send to next working day with some location in the country; delivery road toll devices for standard location, the weight info for best understand the price range for the company (road toll need costs ...
  8. Installation Contract Logistics Services company international information Company Name (for importers and shippers only within transport inquiry with address; phone; city; country;
  9. With the best user experience possible. I store cookie information in your browser and perform functions.
  10. See More quote or transport inquiry: Services Industry city Solutions Information Systems Customer Care Have An Emergency? Customer location or disable cookies again. More information about our Cookie Policy and costs of the requesting country (city). The next email needs a company quote service.


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