The transport industry on the internet is still quite young compared with high-density keywords areas. Optimize text to boost web app or website for organic traffic, visibility, and conversion rate for users is the topic of this article.

If you are a web developer of a website/web app in the transport industry, you have to keep an eye on your competitors to get keyword insight. Your web app needs more traffic; you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page. Keyword research is step one in the search engine optimization copywriting process and an important part of marketing strategy. You risk being displaced in the market if you don't remain agile and continue to develop SEO in the transport industry.


Transport Keyword search engine 

Let's take a look deeper into a few keywords: TRUCK, TRUCKER, LKW, CAMION. First, two keyword covers English and global market, 3rd keyword is a pure german market and last is for French, Spanish, Italian, and Mexico. Here we go...


KEYWORD TRUCK => Keyword difficulty 56

  • English language : total pages: 17000000; total traffic 162000000; traffic value of $226 000 000
  • German language : total pages: 500000; total traffic 2500000; traffic value of $1 000 000
  • French language : total pages: 400000; total traffic 1400000; traffic value of $850 000
  • Spanish language: total pages: 300000; total traffic 900000; traffic value of $150 000
  • Russian language: total pages: 300000; total traffic 7700000; traffic value of $140 000
  • Searches without clicks 85%
  • Paid clicks 1%
  • Organic clicks 14%


Global volume of 394K


Having the same terms
  • tesla truck  895,000
  • lmc truck  227,000
  • budget truck rental 173,000
  • uhaul truck rental 171,000
  • truck paper 124,000


  • how much do truck drivers make  7,000
  • what is my truck worth 3,200
  • how to become a truck driver 2,800
  • how to start a food truck 2,700
  • how much is my truck worth 2,600

As you can see from the statistics presented above, the keyword TRUCK is the most popular word in the field of transport on the global Internet. The most amazing thing is that Canada is not in the top 5 countries. I researched the keyword TRUCK on the Canadian market and it turned out that it has a very high CPC ratio of $ 7 and a Search volume of 12K.

KEYWORD TRUCKER => Keyword difficulty 66

Both keywords TRUCK and TRUCKER are very similar and, apart from the fact that they differ only in two letters, they represent different statistical and econometric values. For this reason, it is worth checking how all the indicators change in the search for the previous keyword.


  • Searches without clicks 84%
  • Paid clicks 1%
  • Organic clicks 15%


Global volume 32K

  • United States 6.4K 20% $1.10
  • Germany 4.7K 14%
  • Sweden 2.0K 6%
  • Argentina 1.5K 4%
  • Poland 1.4K 4%
  • Turkey 1.3K 4%


Having the same terms

  • trucker hats 15,000
  • trucker hat 11,000
  • 6,400 trucker
  • trucker path 6,100
  • trucker jacket 5,200


Also, rank for

  • truck driver 20,000
  • trucking 15,000
  • truck driving jobs 15,000
  • truck driver salary 13,000
  • truckers report 11,000

Keyword LKW => Keyword difficulty 52

We are changing the truck from American style to EURO style. The German language and the LKW keyword reign supreme in the old continent which, according to various estimates, is worth almost $4 million. In Europe, the truck market is more diverse, and it is worth reviewing the results presented and comparing them to the US market.

  • German language: total pages: 700,000; total traffic 7,500,000; traffic value of $ 4,000,000
  • English language: total pages: 200,000; total traffic 1,200,000; traffic value of $ 700,000
  • Searches without clicks 82%
  • Paid clicks 1%
  • Organic clicks 17%


Global volume 45K CPC $ 1.20


Having same terms


Search suggestions volume


KEYWORD CAMION => Keyword difficulty 39

Although German is the most popular language on the old continent and we know German trucks all over the world, there is one more keyword worth checking, namely CAMION, which occurs in 3 dominant languages: French, Spanish and Italian. It is easy to see that the CAMION keyword is worth over $5.5 million, which makes it more valuable than the German language LKW.


  • French language: total pages: 800,000; total traffic 6,000,000; traffic value of $ 3,000,000
  • Spanish language: total pages: 800,000; total traffic 7,500,000; traffic value of $ 2,000,000
  • Italian language: total pages: 300,000; total traffic 2,300,000; traffic value of $ 600,000
  • Searches without clicks 81%
  • Paid clicks 1%
  • Organic clicks 18%



The global volume of 158K


Having the same terms


Take your rating to the stars

One year of blogging on gone so for that reason I would like to show some ranking of my blog. Next year those rankings will increase but at the moment we have the following scores on the SEO report world.

  • Moz Page Authority: 17
  • MOZ SPAM SCORE: 0/17
  • CITATION FLOW: 21/100
  • TRUST FLOW: 3/100
  • MAJESTIC: TF 4; CF 16
  • ALEXA RANK 3675549
  • SemRush Rank 6,948,340



At the time of writing this article, we have the following number of organic keywords related to transport: Poland 792; France 269; Germany 183Netherland 99; Italy 55; United Kingdom 43; United States 41; Spain 32; Belgium 23; Canada 14; Denmark 10

We recommend for all web DevOps and SEOs to organize websites or apps in workspaces and group keywords to increase efficiency, remember to analyze organic search results and organic keywords to pick the best ones for your company.


  1. title: "DAF Trucks Lorry Autotruck LKW Camion T-shirt for Men women t-shirt", Truck Info
  2. New Fashion Casual DAF Trucks Lorry Autotruck LKW Camion Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt Round Neck Graphic Top
  3. Result Page. Keyword research steps one in the search engine optimization copywriting process and important.
  4. Content online, you’ll attract many more search engine visitors. There’s no greater way to provide fresh.
  5. More traffic; you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page. Keyword research is step one in the.
  6. In meta tags, follow your link by search engine bots. By default, I set links to “follow.” You, SEO company keyword, SEO keywords see customers.
  7. Of relevant keywords that relate to your food truck business. Think about these words and phrases.
  8. find lkw unfall 16,000 lkw führerschein 13,000 lkw Fahrer 12,000 lkw property 11,000 Search
  9. the more often (and even higher-ranked) your website will appear in search results and the more likely
  10. Time Shipping areas. Optimize text to boost web app or website for organic traffic, visibility, and conversion.
  11. Trucks website can reach top levels in google. your website will see on the first level of google with free info like the URL of the site. So keywords and SEO find.
  12. We know the popular language on the old continent and German trucks all over the world, there is one more
  13. website product 4% Having same terms trucker hats 15,000 trucker hat 11,000 6,400 trucker path



  1. Try the following steps to improve your site’s search rankings and watch your site jump ahead of your more traffic; you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page. Keyword research is step one
  2. For not to follow any links of your website by search engine bots. You must not set ‘nofollow’ as value.
  3. search close public close pages close search Search ... Germany News Interview with the author
  4. in search engines, We Exactly Know How Iranians Search The Web & Use What Words To Complete Their
  5. Crawl a page and include it in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Fallow & NoFollow.
  6. Out about your food truck. By increasing your search engine ranking, you raise your site’s popularity.
  7. increase efficiency, remember to analyze organic search results and organic keywords to pick the best
  8. Throughout the text of your website. Proper keyword placement maximizes your SEO efforts. Placing.
  9. are known all over the world, there is one more keyword worth checking, namely CAMION, which occurs in
  10. And primary titles used on the site. A secondary keyword is placed in your content or is used to support it.
  11. Are secondary. A primary keyword is the main keyword you want your website to rank for and should be.
  12. Parking meta keyword meta description Keyword break Text/HTML ratio robot.txt Sitemap Internet free.
  13. the URL info site with text (information selected with: high, HTTP, country time, domain, customers.
  14. Is in the opening and closing paragraphs. Using keywords in the opening paragraph helps you immediately (test black bold text with free content to find a search engine.
  15. Will see it on the first level of google with 50 keywords after 9 months! We make an international website.
  16. Info keywords in titles and sprinkle secondary keywords size site throughout the body of the content. The best company without rating or blog (privacy check www.
  17. great free review website for you in german language and Austria domain with high quality that shows your products in content (white text information
  18. Getting information about or related to domain name registration records. Does not guarantee it checks the best terms which make products online at the top / Shipping.
  19. products, find many great new & used options, and get the best deals for Camion MB LP 809 AVIS / test -LKW Html -SEO - new png site logo


  1. There’s no greater way to provide fresh, updated content regularly than to have a blog on your Shipping (check review
  2.  If you have lots of relevant content online, you’ll attract many more search engine Shipping (see company time zone to find top Shipping app PWA online review.

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