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Exactly on the way to Croatia, I was overtaking a large number of trucks. I was not prepared for the fact that truck traffic on the edge of the European Union is so intense.

The countries of the former Yugoslavia, including Croatia, are developing more and more and their driving force, apart from tourism, is international trade. Hundreds of trucks on Croatian highways are a sight I was not prepared for. It often happened that trucks overtake each other, slowing down the movement of passenger cars. One long truck overtakes 3 long trucks on a two-lane highway is an increasingly common sight.

YOUR WEBSITE is ahead of other SERPs

Just as a truck overtakes a truck on the highway, your website is ahead of other competitor sites in SERP search engine results. A truck on the highway is like a website on the Internet. Just like on overcrowded highways, Internet bandwidth is decreasing because of the increasing number of Internet users.


I heard this question at a gas station. The conversation took place between two truck drivers. The first replied that driving 80 km per hour slows down the traffic of others, the second replied he was carrying ADR flammable materials and his maximum speed was 79 km faster, he could not and does not mind that other trucks overtake him. Some transport companies put limiters on speedometers in order to save on fuel consumption. Drivers cannot go faster than, for example, 86 km / h because they cannot do so.

No overtaking ON THE INTERNET

While I can only overtake trucks on the highway in designated zones, some countries have banned overtaking during daylight hours altogether. There is no such ban on the Internet - your website or application should be the fastest and have the highest position in the search results. This can be achieved ahead of other websites on the search engines.
Thanks to the reviews of truckers and forwarders on truckercheckin, your website gets content on a portal thematically related to shipping and transport, and sometimes even a link to your home page. Thanks to many reviews, companies specializing in TSL - Transport - Forwarding - Logistics can stay ahead of the competition in search results.

 To Optimize Content

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2 throughout the shopping 0.16 0.003
3 the shopping center 0.16 0.003
4 designated parking spot 0.16 0.003
5 the city to 0.16 0.003
6 at the store 0.16 0.003
7 the people said 0.16 0.003
8 you pick up 0.11 0.002
9 spots throughout the 0.11 0.002
10 of retail in 0.11 0.002
11 offering curbside pickup 0.11 0.001
12 jobs to the 0.11 0.002
13 by the city 0.11 0.002
14 in the event 0.11 0.001
15 may vary by 0.11 0.002
16 the delivery address 0.11 0.002
17 edit your order 0.11 0.002
18 groceries for you 0.11 0.002
19 vary by location 0.11 0.002
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