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Delivery to the shopping center

We have added the largest shopping centers in Great Britain, Canada, and even India to our database so that delivery truck drivers can share their experience of unloading before the winter holidays. We encourage you to add delivery maps.

 trucks supply Shopping centers all year round, but the hottest period is the turn of fall and winter. Some malls have an impressive number of stores, the largest with over 200 stores.
Modern shopping centers have specially designed building parts for the logistics and transport department. Some of them are located in logistic districts of big cities especially so that the transport of goods is the fastest and cheapest. During conversations with drivers who delivered goods to the largest shopping centers in Europe, I found out that some shopping centers in the centers of large cities have a difficult entry because of narrow streets. Personally, I have seen enormous trucks reverse backward through streets full of customers, so they limit deliveries to city centers in time and usually very early. I also heard about situations when a truck driver got stuck in a narrow street, the manager of the transport department asked forwarders for three vans because of the extremely narrow access road to the shopping center, the forwarder together with the owner of the transport company wanted to save and instead of 3 small cars, they sent 1 large which could not pass the bottleneck. In most European capitals, deliveries to city centers allowed only for cars meeting EURO 4 or EURO 5 emission requirements in order to minimize air pollution.

Delivery to London

During the delivery of a long truck to London, I got a very late delivery hour. Since I was delivering goods to London for the first time, I didn't know there was called an LLCS. I pulled up to the nearest gas station with a large truck park outside London and couldn't believe the gas station entrance was = blocked by an unending string of trucks. What is LLCS?

"During nights and weekends, HGV drivers can only use certain roads when making deliveries in London. We know this as the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS)."

There are huge financial penalties for not complying with the entry hours, but I have yet to meet any driver who would get such a penalty.

Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL)

In Italy, there is the term ZTL or Zona Traffico Limitato. Italy is a country where the road network designed during the Roman Empire and access to the city center is subject to a lot of prohibitions, not only in terms of tonnage and height. Personally, I delivered goods to the center of Milan, but I had a new truck that met the latest emission standards, so I did not care about ZTL.

euro regulation


According to Wikipedia "Last mile is a term used in supply chain management and transportation planning to describe the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to an ultimate destination." Last-mile "was adopted from the telecommunications industry which faced difficulty connecting individual homes to the major telecommunications network".
It is the best solution for delivering goods to the distribution center outside the city and then delivering them to the city center via VANs that fit the city infrastructure. Unfortunately, due to the cost of reloading and the cost of employing an additional driver, LAST MILE SOLUTION not used by all companies. Some cities are trying to encourage transport companies to use the LMS method by increasing road tolls for trucks.


We are currently adding the addresses of the largest shopping centers in the world. While writing this article, I drew attention to three centers in Great Britain: 1. Westfield London · 2. Bluewater Shopping Centre · 3. intu Metrocentre and the largest in Canada - West Edmonton Mall. Next week I will add the largest shopping malls in the USA: 1. Mall of America Bloomington, Minnesota 2. King of Prussia Mall King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 3. American Dream East Rutherford, New Jersey 4 South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, California. Then I will start adding shopping centers in Asia. I encourage you to add access maps with marked pick-up points.

The largest shopping malls in the world

  1. amen See also [ edit ] List of the largest shopping malls in the world List of largest enclosed shopping malls in Canada
  2. Travel Experts Destinations 10 Largest Malls in the World Last updated on October 1, 2020 in Leisure
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  6. shopping malls in the top 100 largest shopping malls in the world with 22. Vertical malls [star hotel] The Fashion center opened
  7. For anything imaginable. I base our list of the largest malls in the world on the amount of “Gross Leasable Area.
  8. Flock to the malls daily. The Biggest Shopping Mall In The World Rank Mall Country City Year opened Gross leasable.
  9. Malls Are they can find In Asia Most of the top biggest malls in the world spread across Asia. This is because.

 The largest shopping centers in the world

  1. Square is a twin tower complex containing a shopping center and two five-star hotels. With 7.5 million square.
  2. Centers, a gourmet center, and an extensive shopping center. It is also home to Turkey’s biggest cinema.
  3. Valley Megamall Mid Valley Megamall is an enormous shopping center that graces the Malaysian capital of Kuala
  4. Paramus, N.J., expected to be the biggest US shopping center. Puckett estimates that there are.
  5. Commonwealth English: shopping center), though "shopping center" covers many more sizes and types of centers than
  6. Category killer. a.k.a. large neighborhood shopping center in the US, Can Neighborhood shopping center
  7. And Westfield London is the largest inner-city shopping center in Europe. Bullring, Birmingham is the busiest.
  8. The former town walls; [45] consequently the shopping center split over seven floors vertically–two.
  9. Overview of many shopping centers, see the shopping center. For pedestrian malls, see the Pedestrian zone.

 What is the biggest shopping center in the world?

Retailers. Image credit Visit Pennsylvania 9. New South China Mall, Dongguan, China The world’s largest mall in

What is the second-largest mall in the world?

Mall (6.46 million sq ft) Flickr/Remko Tanis New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, is the largest mall in the

What is the largest mall in Asia?

the gross leasable area in millions of square feet: New South China Mall in Dongguan, China (1.1 MSF).

What is the largest mall in America?

Expanded Aventura Mall would be the nation's second-largest". USA TRUCK OK Today. February 11, 2021. Retrieved.

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