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Truckers deserve for better truck app

 Tight delivery schedule, motorway traffic jams, ruts on roads, fines and inspections, accidents, fuel theft, technical glitches and no network signal.

Truck drivers do not have an easy job due to the above-mentioned reasons, therefore they deserve better mobile applications. There are more and more applications available for Android phones in the google play store. Navigation and technical applications, language translators, adr libraries, truck photo galleries, tachograph emulators, electronic cmr, QR code scanners. Is there a mobile application for truck drivers that I will be using simultaneously:

  • a driver of a truck delivering containers in the port of Hamburg
  • a truck driver delivering milk from a dairy to a factory in Switzerland
  • a truck driver delivering styrofoam for house construction in Germany
  • a truck driver carrying express parcels for online stores in Florida
  • a truck driver carrying oranges to a supermarket in Mexico
  • a truck driver carrying coffee from a plantation to a factory in Brazil
  • truck driver transporting car parts in California
  • truck driver transporting spices to a factory in India
  • truck driver transporting loose materials for road construction in Russia
  • a truck driver transporting chocolate in China
  • truck driver involved in transporting paintings in Amsterdam
  • truck driver involved in the transport of motorcycles in Taiwan
  • a truck driver transporting trees in Alaska

All types of diversified transport are combined in one process - loading or unloading. The loading or unloading registration process varies depending on the culture, language, IT architecture, infrastructure, however, it has many common factors:

  • document confirming loading or unloading (cmr)
  • application of a seal with a security number
  • stopping in front of the place of loading or unloading
  • loading or unloading reference number
  • visit notification time

Is there a chance for drivers from all continents to use a jointly created application designed by truck drivers for drivers? The answer is yes! Open source projects are very popular, an example of which is the linux operating system, which competes with Microsft Windows. While browsing the offers for truck drivers, I noticed that most of them require several years of experience while talking to employers, I learned that the requirements for experience are imposed by insurance companies in order to minimize the cost of insurance in the event of an accident. The initial drivers are crossed out at the start, so an application that connects experienced drivers with juniors would be very useful. The driver's experience consists of two elements, the first is manual driving skills and the road is knowledge about location, roads and legal regulations. The first element, i.e. manual skills, in which a mobile application can be useful, is a difficult topic, the only option that can be of benefit to a young driver is something like a video presentation of basic reversing maneuvers. The young driver can record his maneuvers and publish them on his profile in the app. The second element of the driver's experience is knowledge of optimal routes, parking lots, the place of unloading and loading, and the registration process. The visit registration process is information that the driver can save and share with others using the truckercheckin.com web application. The description of the loading and unloading process can be very useful for drivers who are heading towards the location for the first time and do not know whether the square is to move in both directions or the traffic is one-way. This kind of information can be especially useful for international drivers who do not speak a foreign language. The application of the future is an application that will record data on the registration process itself and prompt you in the driver's native language. There is a shortage of truck drivers all over the world, so every driver support application is welcome. Drivers themselves should indicate to application designers what application they need, what functions are most needed and what components are missing in current navigation systems. The current operating systems in trucks are focused on the processes of navigation and communication with shipping, none of them has a built-in database of hints regarding the registration process. The registration process in a large factory that has several entry gates accessible from several roads takes an hour, while the registration of unloading in a supermarket takes only minutes.

Will mobile applications change into WINDOWS TRUCK, CHROM OS TRUCK, FACEBOOK TRUCK operating systems in the not far future?

EXAMPLES OF USE mobile app

  1. new services for truckers and transportation marketplace. With this in mind, having the right mobile app can help both business owners and consumers save applications cost and provide marketplace for free transportation
  2. notch services in this field. If you’re new to mobile app development and don’t know how to choose a load carriers solutions. Truckercheckin project create cost free operations in transportation ( location based marketplace shipping. Shippers can now book truckers via mobile app with one-click technology. Truck drivers in the transportation
  3. device. 2. Truckercheckin marketplace Truck Navigation This fleet mobile app is voice-activated and can help truck drivers
  4. new services for your business. Essential reasons to create a mobile app for logistics business Logistics businesses provide many shipper free
  5. stations. For fleets constantly hauling freight across the country, saving a few cents per gallon
  6. are soon expected to be an integral part of freight logistics software and will dramatically increase
  7. Application Transporter Application Admin Panel FREIGHT BIDDING MARKETPLACE SOLUTION Shipper Application
  8. depending on the service, trucking and freight routes can be booked on demand and same day, or trucking
  9. All Reviews What's New Thanks for using Uber Freight! We’re constantly working on making the app
  10. loyalty for your business Request a Demo Freight Bidding; trucking Marketplace; trucking Solution Building a freight as a mobile
  11. it one of the more commonly used supply chain mobile apps. The app dynamically compiles info from a large

EXAMPLES OF USE logistics app

  1. truck drivers and shippers. Must-Have Features in a Logistics App Essentially, a logistics application should be available to get track team vehicle. Find cargo loads and you available team
  2. The Logistics apps features, freight Truck And Logistics App Solution For Your Unique Idea Our on-demand need delivery time management solution like make truckercheckin.com Need
  3. new truckers and where your app fits in the market. Starting logistics app development without idea validation drivers industry on demand. Company service like team driving
  4. like shipment provide location feature. Now, tell the sales manager what logistics app you are going to build, its features, users, and truck features like help information on the delivery industry. Get industry
  5. Get started with custom-built trucking and logistics app development to achieve higher operational mobile apps with real time features for many marketplace . Delivery team like
  6. Validate your idea Once you’ve found custom logistics app developers that fit your requirements, real time mobile apps
  7. that will make your job even easier. Top 13 Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications 1. Truckercheckin 2. truck drivers app
  8. Pulse has been dedicatedly serving trucking & logistics businesses and startups to enhance efficiency
  9. TruckLogics This trucking app is a powerful logistics tool that stores and organizes all records in a
  10. By industry Retail Manufacturing Education Logistics Non-profits Pricing Product pricing Support plans
  11. OmniFocus – Task-Management App A nifty task-management app that has been released in its third edition
  12. are super impressed with their project/ product management skills. It has been more than a year now we are
  13. on shippers, carriers, and vehicles. Billing management Easily check and approve invoices that come
  14. home for all your notes. Wiki Knowledge management for teams. Shippers built freight software carriers. Validate your idea Once you’ve found custom logistics app developers that fit your requirements, freight, trucking
  15. real-time is almost impossible. To digitize the management of your warehouse, consider barcode scanning app
  16. most cost-effective manner is paramount for your business’ success. To stay ahead, tech-smart operations
  17. other project-related documents. Step 7. Empower logistics app development with advanced features After you receive feedback
  18. app and its feature list, it is time to find mobile app developers and contact them. Related reading: HOW Design Marketing Mind Cases Tech & Trends Search logistics app development How to Create an Uber-like App for Trucks If you
  19. To meet the client's goals, we empowered a mobile app for drivers with the following features: Build-in
  20. it over or discuss your solution. 1 May 2021 logistics app development • logistics management mobile solutions

EXAMPLES OF USE trucking app

  1. View Full mobile app Branded Trucking App In a Week Define Branding and Theme Setup and
  2. mobile app basis has gone well with the truckers. Their trucking app saves not only time but also money. App development marketplace feature new truckers even services based offline
  3. mobile app rules. 5. TruckLogics This trucking app is a powerful logistics tool that stores and
  4. About Insights Contact Request Demo ON-DEMAND TRUCKING APP SOLUTION Shipper Application Driver Application
  5. have tools for operational excellence. These apps help companies achieve every business process
  6. worldwide easier to handle. With all these apps to choose from, I’d like to share my favorite
  7. in the industry for innovative and serviceable apps which improve upon existing ones. Must-Have
  8. freight, truck, truck drivers app and branded iOS/Android shipment booking apps for the shippers. Seamless shipment booking with rights reserved
  9. feature usually present in inventory management apps, but it can be of use for shipments as well. QR
  10. its third edition that has redesigned its core features to add power to the app’s capabilities and has
  11. This application makes it easy to track the time spent at each stop for different drivers. This
  12. or freight agent, these apps may save you time and provide ease and convenience! Truckercheckin makes this solution for driver and spedition
  13. should be radically enhanced. Calculating the time of the mission with a calculator, rating stops on
  14. admin panel that is packed with real-time tracking, smart dispatch and more features to
  15. deliveries. If you track vehicle routes in real time and adjust routes according to traffic, road
  16. the truckers. Their trucking app saves not only time but also money. Since its inception, the company
  17. the industry is segmented into three parts: shippers, brokers, and carriers. The middle part, truck drivers, carriers, logistics app, freight app
  18. are exclusive to us through our contracts with shippers. Before you can start using the app you’ll need 'driver solutions'
  19. need driver. Now, let's find out how such apps work. Shippers post a freight request with cargo destination
  20. freight and drivers, more importantly, have a base of shippers and carriers with well-established relationships for shipment

EXAMPLES OF USE information

  1. more efficient routes based off of dynamic information such as: routing parameters, load type for delivery shipment and company service
  2. access the map both online and offline. The map information should be sensitive to road conditions and the
  3. for logistics, carriers should see all pertinent information about the cargo: dimensions, weight, trucks type, driver on demand service. Make driver solution like apps feature managment
  4. from load boards, virus warnings, parking information, and trucks stop locations to operational shipment delivery
  5. Veeqo features include picking, packing, and shipping management capabilities, a Veeqo Scanner for vehicle, company shipment
  6. implemented a feature allowing the the rating of shipping facilities. Since 80 per cent of carriers refuse
  7. removing some paperwork and redundancy from the shipping process. Apps can also enhance the quality of
  8. the income of your logistics company, consider shipping on-demand mobile app development . On-demand
  9. the industry needs such a logistics management software solution. At Truckercheckin.com we worked on a project data free
  10. Also, not sure if it's the system, some kind of software or an actual person doing the load pairing for shipments type cost project many
  11. as an independent truck driver and need reliable route plans for your records or work in fleet
  12. the app we made, allows truckers to plan their route in a more effective way and track updates in real
  13. powered by Google Maps to get the most optimal route to save time and fuel. Drivers can add an
  14. in circumstances or accidental acceptance. Route tracking and optimization While optimization team track loads and get vehicle software data
  15. company want to record more information on each vehicle, route, or shipment, you can add new fields to capture transportation
  16. for easier warehouse operations, and it lets you manage multiple warehouses in one place. Any shipments
  17. trucks and drivers to connect, communicate and manage business in a streamlined manner Request a Demo to find one tracking company cargo
  18. one payment gateway . Uber uses Braintree to manage payments. Choosing a payment gateway is no easy
  19. and trucks, make and receive load payments, manage a fleet, track freight, and more—directly from tracking software
  20. freighters, trucks, get loads and even offshore back office solutions providers worldwide easier to handle. With all shipper service
  21. the time required for those who need delivery services and those who can provide them to make a deal. Truck loads available
  22. systems can make the process of building the route easier for truckers and will probably lead to


What is the best app for truckers?
How do I create a logistics app?
  • of your warehouse, consider barcode scanning app development . Such applications are empowered with third
  • this data must be well protected. Make sure your logistics app development company takes data security seriously. Finally
How does Truckercheckin app work?
  • for most businesses to outsource their app development . A wide range of app development companies and
  • allowing the driver to skip leaving their truck. Combined with a fuel card and a mobile phone
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