Truck app simple questions

Truck app simple questions

Not knowing is difficult. In fact, that is what stops you in the first place so let ask ourself a few simple questions:


1. HOW

  • by enter URL address and click 'add to home screen';


  • whenever you want to have access to online/offline information about loading, unloading, time management


  • logistic center
  • warehouse
  • factory
  • see terminal
  • intermodal terminal
  • train terminal
  • factory
  • construction site
  • parking


  • mobile PWA app
  • trucking community software


  • give you access to spread the knowledge
  • build new connections
  • makes tacho time management easier
  • increase engagement
  • video content in the future

7. CAN

  • write a review of trucking experience
  • share information and content control
  • help others with a particular query
  • interact with end to endpoint (truck driver - a person responsible for collections)

8. WHO

  • truck driver
  • security registration point
  • registration point
  • freight forwarders
  • project managers to access raw data
  • web developers

9. WHY

  • In fact all reviews and information about trucking checking making things easier
  • show for trucker everything you need to know
  • use the power of the mobile app to make check-in process more smooth 

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