Trucker check in on construction yard

Trucker check in on construction yard

Innovative information included in the application may be helpful in making decisions about the working time of the driver and construction workers.

 Delivering goods to construction sites is a non-standard topic regarding the visit registration process. A few years back I was delivering a huge window the size of a trailer from Austria to Denmark, to the center of Copenhagen to be exact. It was a double-crewed trip (two drivers in one cabin) through the port terminal in Puttgarden, a short ferry trip and delivery of freight at the University of Copenhagen construction site.

We arrived at the construction site on Saturday morning, because it was a large construction site, there were a few roads and some led through the city center. We did not have information such as the geographic coordinates of the delivery registration point. After arriving at the construction site, we 'manually' looked for a person responsible for accepting the delivery, it turned out that the delivery was registered for Monday morning :-)

I remembered one more delivery of huge steel frames near the center of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This delivery was not easy due to the height restrictions on the way to the construction site and heavy passenger car traffic. The construction site was on the main road, but the access road had ruts. The delivery took place in a fixed date-time structure and took 2 hours.

One of the drivers mentioned the delivery of modern polystyrene for the construction of a large discount store in central Germany. The driver received information from the forwarder about the name of the town and streets without a number WITHOUT information that he was delivering polystyrene to the construction site. After reaching the streets designated by the freight forwarder, it turned out that the street is very long and has tonnage limitations for trucks, due to bad weather conditions the signal in the mobile phone was cut off. The driver decided to ask the residents of the buildings on the delivery street for a hint - unfortunately, none of the residents was aware of the construction site. A TRUCKER CHECK IN mobile application with accurate data and a direct communication channel of the type 'driver - construction worker responsible for collection' would be an ideal solution in this case.

Deliveries to construction sites are not limited to construction in the centers of large cities, materials for the construction of roads, subways, railway lines and large windmills can be delivered. Specialized deliveries of ADR type will not be discussed in this post.
The registration process on the construction site takes place under different conditions than in logistics centers due to the changing size of the construction site and mobile registration points. Usually, drivers receive information such as address and geographic coordinates from the freight forwarder and have no direct contact with the personnel responsible for registering the receipt of goods.

A TRUCKER CHECK IN mobile application available directly to the driver and the construction worker responsible for collecting the delivery could facilitate the work for both parties and relieve the work of shippers. The mobile application should eliminate problems related to the driver's working time.


Ideally, after logging into the application, drivers should have access to:

  • geographic coordinates of the construction site
  • geographic coordinates of the point of receipt of the goods
  • access maps to the construction site from the motorway
  • information on tonnage and height bans for trucks
  • information about time bans for trucks if the construction site is located in the center of a large metropolis
  • construction site working hours
  • availability of mobile network coverage and wifi (especially in developing countries)
  • the nearest parking lot for trucks
  • clearly marked on the map of the routes of previous deliveries
  • information on possible fines for truck drivers on the way to the construction site
  • road accidents driving to the construction site
  • 'chat room' between the driver and the employee responsible for picking up the delivery


The vision of an easily accessible mobile application

It would be unacceptable for a truck driver to have an application installed on mobile phone with the Android system, and the construction worker responsible for collecting the delivery has a mobile phone with the iOS system on which there is no version of the application available. Such a situation could cause a lack of contact, the solution is PWA applications - Progressive Web App available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. The most important elements of the application should be AUTO GEOLOCATION of the driver and employee of the construction site and the 'chat room'. The mobile application should be easy to use and support the work process and facilitate work with the tachograph.


Will the design of working methods be based on information from mobile applications in the future?

There is such a possibility, but even if this does not happen, the knowledge derived from mobile applications will improve the general level of knowledge of truck drivers and people responsible for registering the receipt of goods.

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