Steering wheel of the Future Online Check in

Steering wheel of the Future Online Check in

The extra steering wheel that warms your hands in winter, illuminates at night, covered with sensitive touch sensors and an LED display.

 Every truck driver who delivered goods in the summer of southern Europe and the southern states of the USA knows that driving in tropical climates without air conditioning is almost impossible. A steering wheel that remembers the user's touch topographies and heats or cools as the temperature changes was a futuristic idea when writing this post. As technology advances, each truck's interior elements will be more and more adapted to the truck driver's needs. The steering wheel is one of the elements that may change in the coming years using programmable textiles focused on interaction with the user. During the JSConf Budapest 2019 conference, technologies were presented by Charlie Gerard in the show entitled "Weaving the web - Programming textile-based interactions." The current control panels and buttons around the steering wheel will in the future be changed into "sensitive zones," which will be the driver's interface. It would be ideal if you could use touch controls to control the computer built-in by the truck manufacturer and control mobile applications from phones and tablets.

The future mobile applications will be designed to be operated by the sensitive steering wheel and not by the device's touch screen.

The driver's steering wheel will have several parameters:

  • driver's language
  • driver's age
  • style (colors, icons)
  • network settings
  • management style
  • landform

Currently, the latest systems for registering a truck's visit to transport locations such as seaports, intermodal ports, and logistics centers require a driver's finger scan to authorize and self-identify the driver's profile. The driver stops the truck in a particular place on the road, lowers the window, logs in with a card/pin, and confirms the identity by scanning a finger. All the stages mentioned above of registration (including fingerprint scanning) will be available using a modern steering wheel connected via wifi, Bluetooth, or internet to the logistics infrastructure. The construction of mobile and stationary applications operated with a steering wheel can be adapted to the needs of truck drivers.

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